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Padres Yasmani Grandal Suspended 50 Games For Testosterone

Yasmani Grandal, a catcher for the San Diego Padres, has been suspended 50 games because of a positive test for testosterone.The commissioner’s office announced the drug penalty on Wednesday. The ban will take effect at the start of next season.Grandal made his big league debut this year. He hit .297 with eight home runs and 36 RBIs in 60 games. He turns 24 on Thursday.”I apologize to the fans, my teammates and to the San Diego Padres,” he said in a statement. ”I was disappointed to learn of my positive test under the joint drug program. I am responsible for what I put into my body. I must accept responsibility for my actions and serve my suspension.”Grandal was acquired by the Padres from Cincinnati last December. The Cuban native was traded by the Reds with pitcher Edinson Volquez in a package for pitcher Mat Latos.There have been seven suspensions this year under the major league program. Six of them were for performance-enhancing drugs – including Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon for positive testosterone tests – and one for a stimulant.The seven suspensions are the most in a year under the big league drug program since there were eight in 2007.There have been 101 suspensions this year under the minor league drug problem. read more

Why Bulls Wont Play Carmelo Anthony After Trade from

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Carmelo Anthony is going to Chicago, albeit only on paper.Where he’s going next remains unclear.A person with direct knowledge of the matter said the Houston Rockets are trading Anthony and an undisclosed amount of cash to the Bulls in a deal that is expected to be completed Tuesday. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Monday because the trade still needs league approval.File- This Nov. 2, 2018, file photo shows Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony reacting during the second half of an NBA basketball game in New York.  (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)When that comes — the only reason why it didn’t happen Monday is because the NBA office was closed to commemorate the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday — Anthony will have a new team, though still won’t be back on the floor. The Bulls have no plans to play Anthony and will look to either trade him before the Feb. 7 deadline or ultimately waive him and make him a free agent.The trade ends a short-lived saga in Houston for Anthony, who averaged 13.4 points in 10 games with the Rockets. He has not played since Nov. 8.Anthony was traded by Oklahoma City to Atlanta in July, a move that preceded the Hawks releasing him to sign with the Rockets. The Bulls, technically, will be Anthony’s fourth franchise in seven months, with likely one more to come before long.“We just had to see how things worked out,” Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said in November when the team said it was parting ways with Anthony. “And the way we play probably wasn’t conducive to his game, and he was trying to make the necessary sacrifices and it wasn’t fair to him as a Hall of Fame player to play in a way that wasn’t good for him, wasn’t good for us. It just wasn’t a fit.”Anthony is a 10-time All-Star who has averaged 24.0 points and 6.5 rebounds per game in his career. He was the No. 3 pick in the star-studded 2003 draft class that also included No. 1 LeBron James, No. 4 Chris Bosh and No. 5 Dwyane Wade. read more

What A Badass Olympic Skier Can Teach Us About WorkLife Balance

19Luxembourg16.0– 8Estonia20.0– CountryLength of paid maternity leave, in weeks Paid maternal leave policies around the worldAmong countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2016 15Canada17.0– 5Ireland26.0– 26Israel14.0– 30Norway13.0– 6Hungary24.0– 7Italy21.7– 32Sweden12.9– 16Austria16.0– 27Japan14.0– 11Chile18.0– 25Germany14.0– Source: OECD Family Database 14Finland17.5– 22Turkey16.0– 31South Korea12.9– 12Denmark18.0– 1Greece43.0– 10Australia18.0– 20Netherlands16.0– Team USA has sent 20 fathers to Pyeongchang, but only one mother: Kikkan Randall. A three-time winner of cross-country skiing’s World Cup sprint title, Randall was part of a baby boom that happened after the 2014 Sochi Olympics, when four of the sport’s top athletes took time off from racing to give birth.1The others were Marit Bjoergen of Norway (whose silver medal in Saturday’s skiathlon earned her the title of most-decorated woman at the Olympic Winter Games), five-time Olympic medalist Aino-Kaisa Saarinen of Finland and Katja Visnar of Slovenia.These women didn’t just return to work — they came back to the highest level of a demanding sport, and all four are expected to compete in Pyeongchang. But Randall is doing so without the same safety net that her European colleagues have. And that’s left her facing the same challenge that many other American women experience: how to balance a grueling career with the demands of new motherhood. A job as arduous as being a professional athlete (or, say, director of policy planning at the State Department) has little room for compromise or scaling back, and that means that much of the parenting must fall to a spouse or outside help.The 2018 Games will be the fifth Olympic appearance for Randall, a 35-year-old cross-country skier from Alaska.2When I was an elite skier in the 2000s, Randall was an up-and-coming star. I never skied fast enough to make the Olympic team, and the U.S. women’s teams in 2002 and 2006 were unlikely contenders for medals. But since then, thanks in large part to Randall’s performance and leadership, the American women have become a force to reckon with — earning both World Cup and world championship titles. Minnesota native Jessie Diggins won the final World Cup race before Pyeongchang. In 2008, Randall, nicknamed Kikkanimal, made history by becoming the first American woman to win a World Cup in cross-country skiing. And in Pyeongchang, she has a legitimate shot at a medal.Mothers-to-be in most professions take time off after childbirth, but Randall’s situation was different: “I was on my maternity leave while I was pregnant,” she said. Because she remained on the U.S. ski team roster, she retained access to her health insurance, and most of her sponsors continued their support, in exchange for appearances, social media plugs and other publicity. She resumed training about three weeks after her son, Breck, was born in April 2016, with the support of her husband, Jeff Ellis, who parented while she trained. Having a husband who is willing to take on parental duties and, most importantly, to do so “unbegrudgingly” has been “a huge piece of the puzzle,” Randall said.There’s no such thing as a part-time return to work in elite sports, which usually require multiple training sessions each day, along with naps, massages, full nights of sleep and other recovery rituals. Of course, sleepless nights are almost a given for the first years of a child’s life. And Randall said that knowing Ellis will “take care of those night-time wakings before a race really helps.”She noted that her peers in Scandinavian countries have the benefit of paid time off for fathers as well as mothers. (Of the 35 countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. is the only one without paid maternal leave.) 17France16.0– 33Mexico12.0– 23Belgium15.0– 28Switzerland14.0– 29Iceland13.0– 4Czech Republic28.0– 2United Kingdom39.0– 21Spain16.0– 35United States0.0 3Slovakia34.0– 9Poland20.0– 24Slovenia15.0– 34Portugal6.0– 18Latvia16.0– 13New Zealand18.0– Randall’s Finnish peer Aino-Kaisa Saarinen had a child around the same time that Randall did, and she told me that her country has a mandatory four-month paid leave for mothers, which she started a month before her due date. After the baby was born, she and her partner received further benefits, including leave that they could split as they chose between the parents. “In our case, the dad took all that,” Saarinen said. (Not to mention the paid leave that fathers are entitled to.)Randall has competed in the predominantly Europe-based World Cup without that kind of paid leave but with Breck in tow for the past two seasons. It hasn’t always been easy. Although she emerged from childbirth without any serious complications (not all women do, as tennis star Serena Williams’s story demonstrates), the snap in her muscles didn’t return right away. And during her time off, the U.S. team “had gotten so strong,” Randall said. She sat out the second World Cup weekend after her return because she wasn’t skiing as well as her teammates.There have been many men who’ve continued competing after adding a child to their family, said Chris Grover, head coach of the U.S. cross-country ski team, but very few women. “Many of these guys are not primary caregivers and tend to come to the races Thursday and head back home on Sunday night or Monday,” Grover said. And while fathers may experience sleepless nights just like mothers do, they don’t need to physically recover after childbirth.Randall and her husband have built their work and family life around her job. Ellis secured a job as a media coordinator for the ski federation, which allowed him to travel the World Cup circuit with her. “He got the job so that we could see each other in the winter,” Randall said.Randall breast-fed her son until about a month into the racing season. Realizing that there would be at least four mothers coming to the World Cup with babies, the ski federation worked with the athlete commission, national ski federations and organizing committees to make formal recommendations encouraging race venues to provide a “baby room” with appropriate provisions so that moms can breast-feed and care for their infants as needed. Randall thinks she used these rooms much more than others in her cohort of new mothers. She said that may be because the others live in Europe, where most of the races take place, and can travel back and forth between home and races on a weekly basis.In Finland, Saarinen benefits from laws that guarantee child care facilities will be available. “The government also pays for most of it,” she said. That’s not all. “We also get child money from the government, which is about 200€ per month, a baby box with 48 items, and free and mandatory monthly health checks for baby and for the mom.”Things are different in the U.S. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, 62 percent of parents of infant or preschool-age children report difficulty finding affordable, high-quality child care in their community, regardless of their income.Because Randall and Ellis are both working while on the race circuit, their parents and some friends have stepped in to provide child care, but paying travel and accomodations for these helpers isn’t cheap. In part because of the cost, Breck won’t be accompanying his parents to Pyeongchang. After calculating that it would run something like $15,000 to $20,000 for them to bring him and a caretaker along, they decided to send him to his grandparents’ house in Canada instead.As well as things are working out for her now, Randall acknowledges that her current situation is not sustainable. And it probably wouldn’t be scalable to the whole workplace either. Grover acknowledged that it’s difficult to imagine a ski team traveling around Europe with all the coaching staff’s kids, in addition to the team athletes.Randall plans to retire from racing after this season but will remain in the sport. She is president of the U.S. branch of Fast and Female, a group that encourages girls to participate in sports, and she’s running for election as an athlete representative on the International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission. After two decades of competition, it feels right, she said. Success in a career like sports requires giving it your all, and that means family life can’t always come first. For a parent who wants to substantially take part in parenting, eventually something must give. read more

LeBron Kyrie And Draymond All Made History In The Cavs Win

2012Heat @ Thunder228 Missing from this picture: the rest of the Cavs. Kevin Love, the team’s purported third banana, scored just 2 points and grabbed three rebounds, alongside four fouls and two turnovers. As a team, the Cavs had 16 turnovers and 22 fouls. That’s why it took both a historic suspension and a historic two-man performance for Cleveland to upset the Warriors and bring the series back to Ohio.Unfortunately for the Cavs, Green won’t be watching from next door in Game 6. And although LeBron and Co. will be at home, where Elo considers them 59 percent favorites to force a climactic Game 7, Cleveland was also the site of a late-game collapse and a double-digit defeat for the host team in Game 4. So the Cavs are not out of the woods yet — they’ve needed to make history to get this far against the defending champs, and to go any further, they’ll likely have to make some more.Check out our NBA Finals predictions. YEARGAMETEAMNAMESCORENAMESCOREDUO SCORE 101991James WorthyLAL1+2.3+0.5+2.9 20012LALShaquille O’Neal32.2Kobe Bryant26.158.3 Together, LeBron and Kyrie combined for a Game Score of 72.4, the top single-game performance by a duo in the finals since 1984. That means their collective performance topped any by Jordan and Pippen, O’Neal and Bryant, or even James and Wade — and it’s not particularly close. When the smoke cleared on Game 5 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving had powered the Cleveland Cavaliers to the seventh-biggest finals upset since 1984,1The earliest year for which has complete game-level data. according to FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratings (our favored way to get a snapshot of team quality). 2015Cavs @ Warriors224 19871LALJames Worthy32.0Magic Johnson30.962.9 32000Kobe BryantLAL1+3.2+1.2+4.4 1992Trail Blazers @ Bulls228 92000Chris MullinIND3+2.4+0.8+3.2 Biggest NBA Finals upsets according to Elo forecast, 1984-2016 Source: Of course, Elo doesn’t capture that a certain someone was missing from Monday night’s game. Draymond Green, the Warriors’ all-world defender, playmaker and swag leader was suspended for Game 5 after picking up a flagrant foul from a shot at LeBron’s … [groin] area. The suspension was historic in its own right: According to the Box Plus/Minus talent ratings,2Consider these a slightly lower-fi version of ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus ratings, with the benefit that they can be computed going back to the 1970s. We’ve used them here in the past. Green is the second-best player to miss a finals game since 1984. (Magic Johnson’s 1989 absence takes the top spot — by a mile.) So take the magnitude of the Cavs’ Elo upset with a grain of salt. 2001Sixers @ Lakers117% 42015Kyrie IrvingCLE5+4.7-0.8+3.8 19904PORClyde Drexler33.9Jerome Kersey26.059.9 20134MIADwyane Wade30.6LeBron James29.660.2 81996Nate McMillanSEA2-0.1+3.4+3.2 YEARPLAYERTEAMGAMES MISSEDOFFENSEDEFENSEOVERALL 19925CHIMichael Jordan33.3Scottie Pippen24.557.8 Among players who played at least one finals game (i.e., those who were not injured earlier in playoffs, etc.)Source:, Daniel Myers 1993Suns @ Bulls523 2014Heat @ Spurs224 22016Draymond GreenGS1+1.4+3.7+5.1 72016Kevin LoveCLE1+2.2+1.3+3.5 YEARGAMEUPSET ODDS BPM TALENT RATINGS Dray is the second-best player to miss a finals game since ’84 1993Suns @ Bulls321 PLAYER 1PLAYER 2 11989Magic JohnsonLAL1+6.5+1.7+8.3 20165CLELeBron James39.2Kyrie Irving33.272.4 But we shouldn’t let Golden State’s short-handedness take too much away from LeBron and Kyrie’s twin performances in Game 5. They scored 82 of Cleveland’s 112 points, accounted for 15 more with their assists to other Cavs and chalked up two of the top 22 single-game performances in the NBA Finals since 1984, according to Game Score, John Hollinger’s productivity rating. LeBron in particular dropped the second-best stat line of that entire span, trailing only Tim Duncan’s 2003 dismantling of the New Jersey Nets. 19934CHIMichael Jordan38.9Horace Grant23.462.3 1984Lakers @ Celtics127 Top combined average Game Scores for single-game finals duos since 1984 19921CHIMichael Jordan36.9Scottie Pippen28.865.7 2003Nets @ Spurs221 2016Cavs @ Warriors526 19855LALMagic Johnson29.7James Worthy29.158.8 51990Dennis RodmanDET1+1.3+2.3+3.6 Source: 62015Andrew BogutGS2-1.4+5.0+3.5 read more

The Broncos New Quarterback Is Inexperienced But At Least Hes Not Peyton

By contrast, the average defending champ through 2015 returned a QB with 74.8 career starts and a lifetime AV of 66.5, meaning they were both pretty seasoned and pretty good. And that experience has traditionally been an advantage in the pursuit of a repeat Super Bowl bid. All else being equal, teams whose opening-day QBs have more career AV under their belt tend to perform better in the passing game. For instance, a simple regression would predict a 70-AV QB’s team to pass the ball with a half-standard deviation greater efficiency3According to Football Outsiders’ defense-adjusted value over average (DVOA) metric. — the equivalent of four-fifths of an extra win over a full season — than that of a zero-AV QB, while a more complex fit suggests the same edge in experience could be worth even more, as much as a full standard deviation of passing efficiency or 1.7 wins. When the Denver Broncos begin their title defense with Trevor Siemian under center on Sept. 8, they’ll be in a rare spot for reigning Super Bowl winners. Last year’s starting QB, Peyton Manning, retired in March, guaranteeing Denver would become only the fifth champ of the Super Bowl era1Since opening day of 1967, because there was no defending Super Bowl champ in Week 1 of the 1966 season. whose opening-day primary quarterback2For the purposes of this entire article, I’ll be referring to a team’s “primary QB” — the player who led the team in dropbacks in a game — as a proxy for its starter, since Pro-Football-Reference’s Game Finder doesn’t provide data on which QB started each game. during the next season was not the same signal-caller who led the way on Super Sunday.And even among that group of new QBs, Siemian is almost uniquely inexperienced. Assuming he ends up being Denver’s primary passer in Week 1, he’ll join another Bronco — Brian Griese, who replaced John Elway in 1999 — as the only opening-day primary QBs for a defending champion whose prior career featured both zero career starts and zero points of career Approximate Value (AV). So, given Siemian’s lack of experience (let alone his meager draft pedigree), we’d expect him to lead a passing attack that’s fairly lousy. But even if Siemian spearheads a passing offense with a DVOA index4Which sets DVOA on a common scale where 100 is league average and a standard deviation in either direction is 15 points. of 90, two-thirds of a standard deviation worse than NFL average — as the average zero-AV opening day starter has during the Super Bowl era — it would represent an improvement to the Broncos’ passing attack.Simply put, Denver won the Super Bowl last season in spite of its passing offense, not because of it. In terms of passing efficiency, the Broncos were an entire standard deviation worse than league average last season, which equated to the NFL’s eighth-most inefficient aerial attack. And Manning himself was awful, producing the worst season of any Super Bowl QB in history. His backup, Brock Osweiler, wasn’t great either, but if Siemian’s 2016 performance can mimic Osweiler’s more than Manning’s, the Broncos will still be better through the air than they were a year ago.And with a defense as dominant as the Broncos still possess, that might be enough to contend for another Super Bowl, even given Siemian’s historic inexperience under center. read more

Ohio State womens hockey looking to make up points in standings at

OSU sophomore forward Lauren Spring (27) controls the puck during a game against Minnesota on Oct. 16 at the OSU Ice Rink. OSU lost 7-2.Credit: Courtesy of OSUThe Ohio State women’s ice hockey team continues its road stand over the weekend, as it is set to travel to the University of Minnesota Duluth to take on the Bulldogs on Friday and Saturday.Over the last few weeks the Buckeyes (8-17-1, 4-15-1) have focused on getting goals off rebounds. That led to 11 goals last weekend in two games at Minnesota State.“I think we just implemented what we had been practicing all week (by) taking pucks to the net,” assistant coach Carson Duggan said. “When we did that we either ended up scoring or drawing a penalty or we got a great scoring chance. So (it’s) a pretty simple concept, but sometimes you just have to reiterate.”Junior forward Claudia Kepler said that the offense ignited because of the players’ determination.“We talked as a team and we decided we needed to move the puck a little faster and pick our head up and be confident with the puck,” Kepler said. “I think when we did those little things goals started coming.”Duggan thinks the team needs to carry this improved mindset into the weekend series against the Bulldogs.“I hope some of the girls are a little bit confident going into this weekend and translate what they did,” Duggan said. “Just taking it to the net and not giving up a good shooting opportunity and getting those second and third chances.”The team also cites its focus on small details as a reason for its improved offensive play.“For the most part it was doing the little things and moving the puck well as a line and as a team in general,” Kepler said. “We need to continue to do those little things and win our battles.”The Buckeyes believe that their offense starts with stout defensive play in front of sophomore goaltender Alex LaMere.“If we can take care of our own end then the offensive zone will hopefully just come,” Duggan said. “So we can pick up where we left off against Mankato with getting pucks to the net and scoring some goals.”Knowing the opponentMinnesota Duluth (9-16-1, 6-13-1) currently sits five points ahead of the Buckeyes in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association standings heading into this weekend’s series. The Buckeyes expect to have a pair of close contests, but they’re looking to take their momentum from last weekend’s sweep to Duluth.“It’s a lot of the same stuff,” Duggan said. “Duluth is a great team and we always play them really tight. They’re always really good games between the two programs.”Minnesota Duluth, OSU coach Jenny Potter’s alma mater, is currently in the midst of a six-game losing streak. Its last win came against the Buckeyes on Dec. 12. The two teams know each other well, and the Buckeyes are expecting two hard-fought contests.“Duluth is a tough team to play against, especially in the corners,” Kepler said. “They like to battle, so if we win our battles and we do the little things like we did this past weekend, I think we’ll have a good couple games up there.”The games are set to begin this weekend in Duluth, Minnesota, at 8:07 p.m. on Friday and 5:07 p.m. on Saturday.Beyond the Bulldogs After squaring off with Minnesota Duluth, OSU is slated to take on a team that is on a different path than the Bulldogs, in No. 2 Wisconsin. The Badgers boast a seven-game unbeaten streak and a 24-1-1 record overall. The two-game series is scheduled to be in Columbus with games on Feb. 5 and Feb. 6. read more

Ohio State wrestler Kyle Snyder qualifies for 2016 Olympics in Rio de

OSU sophomore Kyle Snyder enters the arena during the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships on March 19 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Credit: Courtesy of OSUAfter winning a world championship, a Big Ten championship and a national championship in less than a year, Ohio State sophomore wrestler Kyle Snyder added another accomplishment to his résumé: an Olympic berth.Snyder was victorious in Iowa City, Iowa, on Sunday after taking down 2012 Olympic gold medalist Jake Varner in the best-of-three series of matches. As the reigning world champion, Snyder received an automatic spot in the finals.“It’s pretty hard to describe,” Snyder said in an OSU press release. “It started off making it to the NCAA finals as a true freshman then losing that. After that I kind of fell into a lot of success, not really fall into it but through a lot of hard work and self-belief. I really haven’t had a chance to look back on it yet, honestly.”Varner won in the first meeting, but Snyder rebounded after a short resting period. The OSU sophomore tied the score 4-4 in the initial bout but lost because of criteria.Snyder walked out from the locker room with a much more focused demeanor for the next meeting and showed complete control in the next two matches, outscoring Varner 10-1.“It was pretty nerve-wracking,” Snyder said in the release. “I had all intentions of winning the first match and winning two in a row. But that is why the sport of wrestling is great because you never know what is going to happen. You never know if you are going to win or lose, all you can do is just prepare.”It’s the fourth time Snyder has beaten Varner in his career. Last year, prior to his world championship, Snyder toppled Varner twice in the U.S. Team Trials and once at the U.S. Open.The freshly crowned heavyweight champion is set to represent the United States at 97 kilograms in Rio de Janeiro from Aug. 5 to 21. Snyder joins a handful of OSU alumni who have earned their way onto the U.S. Olympic team in the past. Mark Coleman finished seventh in 1992, while Perry Martter and Harry Steel competed in 1924.Snyder is the only Buckeye wrestler to make it to the Olympics while an active member of the Scarlet and Gray.All other OSU wrestlers shooting for a spot on the national team were eliminated from contention earlier in the day, including redshirt sophomore Nathan Tomasello and the Buckeyes’ most notable alumnus, four-time NCAA champion Logan Stieber. Tomasello lost in the quarterfinals, while Stieber lost in the semifinals. read more

Conley and Turner cash in with new salary cap

Day 1 of NBA free agency on Friday was an unprecedented start to what will become the most lucrative offseason in the history of the sport.The increase from $70M to $94M in team cap space has given owners the ability to offer substantial contracts to many players who would’ve never sniffed $20M per year under the previous salary cap.Two of those beneficiaries are former Ohio State Buckeyes Mike Conley and Evan Turner. Conley re-signed with the Memphis Grizzlies for a five-year, $153 million deal. Turner etched a four-year, $75 million deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.Conley’s deal marks the richest in NBA history, which could be surpassed by free agents LeBron James and Kevin Durant.Conley is now bringing in more money per year than any other point guard in the NBA despite never being named an All-Star. Since being drafted at No. 4 overall in the 2007 NBA draft by the Grizzlies, Conley has widely been regarded as the league’s most underrated point guard.He has averaged 15.7 points per game and 5.9 assists per game over the last four seasons with the Grizzlies. His season was cut short after 56 games because of an Achilles injury.Conley played one season at OSU and averaged 11.3 ppg and 6.1 apg in 2006-07, leading the Buckeyes to their first NCAA final since 1962.Turner played with the Celtics the last two seasons averaging 10.5 ppg, 4.4 apg, 4.9 rebounds per game in 2015-16 as Boston’s sixth man.Portland will be Turner’s fourth team in the NBA since being selected No. 2 overall by Philadelphia in 2010.Turner was AP Player of the Year in 2009-10 with OSU averaging 20.4 ppg, 6.0 apg and 9.2 rpg. read more

Columbus Clippers closing in on 2nd consecutive TripleA championship

Minor league baseball clubs contend with many obstacles over the course of a season, including player transactions and meeting the needs of their Major League parent clubs. The Columbus Clippers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, overcame numerous hindrances to success in 2011 and won its second consecutive Governor’s Cup Championship against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Friday. They will now represent the International League in the Triple-A National Championship Game against Pacific League champion Omaha Storm Chasers today. In just his second season as Clippers manager, Mike Sarbaugh led his team to an 88-56 regular season record — the best in the International League’s West division. The Clippers met the Durham Bulls, the South division champs, in the first round of the playoffs, and swept the Bulls, 3-0, to advance to play the Lehigh Valley IronPigs for the Governor’s Cup championship. Columbus responded to its 5-2 loss in game one of the best-of-five championship series by winning the next three games, the last two of which were at the IronPigs’ Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa., to advance to today’s Triple-A national championship game. After the Clippers’ game two win at Huntington Park, first baseman Beau Mills said the search for consistent success is what minor league ball is all about. “It’s learning how to have consecutive (winning) seasons,” Mills said, “and don’t lose focus throughout the year.” Focus can be hard to maintain with a changing cast of players, though — Columbus endured 37 player transactions of various sorts in September alone. Eleven of those transactions were players moving between the Clippers and Indians. “That’s part of the game,” Mills said. “You’re happy for them (players that get called up), but the guys coming up are going to be great players. That’s why they’re coming up here. So, we don’t necessarily take it on us as a team when we lose somebody. “We expect that guy that’s getting called up to step right in.” Columbus third baseman Jared Goedert agreed. “We’ve had guys step in and do just as well or even better in some cases,” he said. “It’s just been the consistency of guys that are here and guys that continue to come up or come down.” Goedert also said that, as minor league players, the frequency of player transactions is a reminder of the goal that each player is chasing: to become an every-day lineup fixture with a big league club. “You realize, at this level of play especially, (the transactions) are a part of it, a part of the process,” he said. “If anything else, for the guys who are still here, it makes you realize you are right there. “I mean, yeah, you lose a good player, but you realize you’ve got to do your job and it’s a good thing to know that you’re that close (to the Majors).” Speaking of close, the Clippers are also one win away from back-to-back national championships. Today, Columbus will face the Pacific Coast League champion Storm Chasers in the one-off, winner-take-all Triple-A National Championship game in Albuquerque, N.M. Omaha, the minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, captured the Pacific Coast League’s American Northern division championship after compiling a regular season record of 79-62. The Storm Chasers earned their berth in the national championship game when they beat the Sacramento River Cats, 11-6, Friday. The Pacific Coast League championship is the first in team history for the Storm Chasers. So, the playoff-tested Clippers are now set for a title clash with Omaha, national championship game newcomers. The Clippers did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s Monday request for comment. Sarbaugh, who was named the International League’s 2011 Manager of the Year, said last week that the Clippers will rely on their usual strengths, which he says are “pitching and good hitting.” “We’ve just done a good job scouting players. We have a lot of guys get called up, but the talent we bring in is good and they seem to just pick up where they left off,” Sarbaugh said. Picking up where Columbus left off the 2010 season would mean claiming the national title, but Mills said Wednesday the team doesn’t put added pressure on itself in the postseason. “None of us are thinking about last year,” he said. “I think pressure is what you put on yourself and we aren’t putting that on ourselves.” First pitch of today’s championship game in Albuquerque, N.M., at Isotopes Park is scheduled for 8 p.m. MDT. Jessica Shambaugh contributed to this story. read more

Shoplifter caught on Google Street View after IT worker browsing online spots

first_imgShe was pictured by the camera, which had been taking shots in the street, emerging from the store with her haul in a Sports Direct carrier bag.McIvor is shown running away as a member of staff gave chase. Store bosses were unable to identify McIvor, who has a string of previous convictions, from the stills.But, while her face had been blurred out by Google, Cleveland Police identified McIvor from her distinctive white outfit, which she was wearing when she was arrested. The series of pictures show McIvor running away as a member of staff gave chase from the discount storeCredit:Google Street View In 2013, she was jailed after burgling two properties in one night, took drugs into prison and used someone else’s name to get out of trouble.The judge at the time told McIvor she should keep away from the “undesirable influences” that led her into drugs and crime.But, with her long criminal record, he said he had no alternative to jailing her for her crime spree. A court heard how McIvor, then 26, had been a heroin addict from the age of 16.After the case, a friend of McIvor, said: “She’s harmless but she gets into trouble for shoplifting quite a bit.”A lot of the shops in Middlesbrough and Stockton already know her and look out for her, but she’s never been caught like this before. “Google’s camera-equipped cars, designed to build up an efficient map of the world’s urban and rural areas, allow 360-degree pictures to be taken and searched by anyone around the world. It has been blurring out the faces of people captured on camera to protect their identity since 2008.Mr Darby, of Leyland, Lancashire, added: “It is unbelievable technology and I’ve found a lot of funny things on there, but this is up there with the best.”It was like an action scene from a cop show. I followed it right along the street but obviously couldn’t tell whether she got away or not. “It was bad luck on her part to be running away just as the Google camera was passing.” A shoplifter has been prosecuted for stealing £60 of washing-up goods – after she was caught fleeing a store on Google Street View.Tammy McIvor thought she had got away with the theft from a branch of Savers, the discount chain, in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire.But she was caught in the act when an IT worker stumbled across images online of the 30-year-old making her escape with the shoplifted items. A third image clearly shows the store member running after Tammy McIvor, far leftCredit:Google Street View Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The series of pictures show McIvor running away as a member of staff gave chase from the discount storecenter_img A third image clearly shows the store member running after Tammy McIvor Tammy McIvor has previously been told by a judge to keep away from the 'undesirable influences' that led her into drugs and crime It is unbelievable technology and I’ve found a lot of funny things on there, but this is up there with the bestPeter Darby, IT worker who spotted theft on Street View Peter Darby, an IT worker, stumbled across the images of McIvor fleeing the store while he killing time online.The 34-year-old said: “I’m an ex-Teesside University student so I thought I would see my old stomping ground, and as soon as I spotted it I thought ‘that seemed a bit strange’.“I moved further down the street and you could see a bloke pursuing her. By the end she was going full speed.”You could tell as soon as you looked at the pictures that something was up as she came out of there very angrily.“She was running around with the Sports Direct bag and it was obvious she was up to no good.” Tammy McIvor has previously been told by a judge to keep away from the ‘undesirable influences’ that led her into drugs and crimeCredit:Facebook The images were filmed as McIvor, who has a string of previous convictions, targeted the store at around 2.45pm on June 19.She appeared before Teesside magistrates, where she was handed a year-long community order, which has a drug rehabilitation requirement, after pleading guilty to theft.The court heard McIvor, of Middlesbrough, has a long history of offending and drug abuse. last_img read more

Terracotta Warriors to return to Britain

first_imgThe museum now plans to set up a “logistics and operations” team to cope with the exceptional visitor demand and footfall.Mrs Bradley said: “The Terracotta Army represents one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century, and I am delighted that a selection of the warriors will be coming to Liverpool, for the first time in 2018. Hundreds of Terracotta warriors, which were unearthed during the first excavation from 1978 to 1984, stand inside the No.1 pit at a museum in Xi’an From 210 BC to 21st Century Liverpool, China’s #TerracottaWarriors are marching to World Museum for a 2018 exhibition as part of #UKChinaP2P— World Museum (@World_Museum) December 7, 2016 The Terracotta Warriors will return to the UK for visitors outside London to see for the first time since the 1980s, after it proved one of the most popular installations ever to come to Britain.A selection of 120 artefacts from China’s famed Terracotta Army will travel to Liverpool’s World Museum in 2018, the Culture Secretary Karen Bradley has announced.It is the first time the objects have been loaned to Britain since 2007, when they became the second most visited show in the history of the the British Museum, and the first they have been exhibited outside London in more than 30 years.  It is understood China has agreed to loan the items as part of a cultural exchange with Britain, which has seen the British Library loan key items, the Royal Shakespeare Company translate plays for Chinese audiences, and numerous institutions sharing their expertise.It is also intended in part to honour the large Chinese community in Liverpool, the oldest in Europe.A spokesman said the exhibition would “offer a new perspective on Chinese history”, spanning three periods of more than 500 years and set to include a number of objects that have never been on show in this country before. Terracotta Warriors to be staged at Liverpool’s World Museum in 2018, announced today by Karen Bradley of @DCMS during #UKChinaP2P.— UK in China (@ukinchina) December 7, 2016 “I am sure that the exhibition will be very warmly received by the people of Merseyside and beyond as Britain welcomes back the Terracotta Warriors.David Fleming, Director of National Museums Liverpool, said: “We are hugely excited to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring an exhibition of such international importance to World Museum, and to be working with Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Bureau in this valuable cultural exchange.center_img Karen Bradley, the culture secretary Karen Bradley, the culture secretary “An exhibition of this scale is sure to attract visitors from all over the UK and Europe, with an unmissable opportunity to see artefacts of great historical importance in the flesh.” Hundreds of Terracotta warriors, which were unearthed during the first excavation from 1978 to 1984, stand inside the No.1 pit at a museum in Xi'an Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Londons West End closed off following gas explosion at citys oldest strip

first_imgStreets in London’s West End were evacuated after a gas or electricity explosion at the city’s oldest strip club.It brought some of the city’s busiest theaters to a standstill shortly before performances were due to begin.Emergency services blocked several roads in Soho, including Shaftesbury Avenue, shortly after the blast in the men’s toilets at the legendary Windmill club at about 5.30pm.Transport for London confirmed that the area, which is extremely popular with tourists and theatre-goers, was closed off due to “a fire and explosion”. Some damage has been caused to the pavement outside the premises, the Metropolitan police said.Pedestrians and motorists have been asked to avoid the area.Iolo Jones, 52, from Reading, said he was just feet away from the explosion. The business manager told MailOnline: “I’d been to a meeting in Soho and was on my way to the tube. It was a bang. I’d guess an electrical explosion.”I was literally two feet from where the paving came up. Gas would have caused a lot more damage. “There was a young woman actually standing in that doorway, but she was unhurt.”There was a bar opposite with people drinking outside but only the young woman and I were very close to the explosion. The doorman cleared people away.” Credit:Shaftesbury Avenue Shaftesbury Avenue Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Man becomes first in country to have to tell police every time

first_img“The victim in Godfrey’s case was subjected to a horrendous ordeal by him following a sustained campaign of domestic violence.”She has shown incredible bravery in supporting our investigation, and I hope she feels safer now Godfrey is behind bars and will be subject to closer scrutiny.”Part of this order, which lasts for seven years, requires Godfrey to inform police if he is in a relationship for more than 14 days.The order also allows police to inform these partners of his previous violent behaviour to women under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. The order was made under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  The victim in Godfrey’s case was subjected to a horrendous ordeal by him following a sustained campaign of domestic violenceDI Jane Topping, Hackney Community Safety Unit A man is believed to be the first in the country to have to tell the police when he starts a new relationship so they can inform future partners about his violent history. Kylle Godfrey, who subjected a woman to a campaign of “horrendous” abuse, has been ordered by a court to let police know if he is seeing anyone for more than two weeks.The 30-year-old banged his victim’s head on the floor and strangled her, inflicting blunt force trauma injuries to her head. Following his arrest Godfrey continued to intimidate the victim and whilst on bail before his court appearance, he assaulted another woman he was in a relationship with.He is thought to be the first in England and Wales to have to tell police every time he gets a girlfriend.Already serving a three-year sentence for actual bodily harm, perverting the course of justice and witness intimidation, Godfrey was given with a Criminal Behaviour Order on Monday.At Wood Green Crown Court in February, Godfrey, of Neasden, north west London, was sentenced to three years in jail for attacking his partner over several days in October last year.He admitted to two counts of actual bodily harm, perverting the course of justice and witness intimidation.DI Jane Topping, Hackney Community Safety Unit said: “This order gives us a new way of protecting victims of domestic abuse and prevent other women from suffering at the hands of people like Godfrey, and help our efforts to tackle domestic violence. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

British tourist in Egypt painkillers trial sobs after mistake confession

first_imgShe replied “yes” and the judge then instructed the session clerk to record that she “confessed”.But when the defence translator later explained the question, she denied she was guilty.“She meant that she is admitting that she had the Tramadol, but not admitting of being guilty. The judge jumped to the conclusion that she confesses before clarifying that she understood the question and this is worrying,” Dia al-Bassal, Ms Plummer’s lawyer told the Telegraph. She meant that she is admitting that she had the Tramadol, but not admitting being guiltyDia al-Bassal Laura Plummer pictured with her sisters Rachel Plummer and Jayne Synclair Lawyers for a British tourist held in Egypt accused of smuggling painkillers will write to her trial judge appealing to correct her plea, after she misunderstood questions and admitted importing the drugs.Laura Plummer sobbed in an Egyption courtroom when she realised what had happened and tried to correct her plea on the first day of her trial in the Red Sea town of Safaga.The 33-year-old shop worker from Hull was arrested at Hurghada airport after she was found to be carrying 290 tramadol tablets in her suitcase.She has insisted the tablets were for her Egyptian partner Omar Abdel Aziz, known as “Caboo”, 31, who suffers from chronic back pain. She said she was unaware the drug, which is legal in the UK, was banned in Egypt.Standing before the judge in court, Ms Plummer was asked: “You are accused of smuggling and possessing Tramadol to Egypt?” Laura Plummer pictured with her sisters Rachel Plummer and Jayne SynclairCredit: Facebook Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “You can imagine the pressure – this is her life.”Ms Plummer is being kept in a 15ft-by-15ft cell with three other women in Hurghada’s Police station.There is no women’s prison in the Red Sea governorate, so those awaiting trail are locked in a police cells.In a visit to her cell before the trial, the Telegraph was told Ms Plummer has been locked up around the clock and has been sleeping on the floor without a bed.“She is well-treated by the authorities in Egypt to the extent that she receives distinguished treatment comparing to Egyptian citizens,”“I didn’t know that she will bring it, I will not send my wife to prison in my country,” Mr Abdel Aziz told the Telegraph.Ms Plummer met Mr Abdel Aziz in 2014 in Sharm El Sheikh when he was working as a hotel lifeguard.The couple had what is known as an Urfi marriage, which is a customary marriage contract that requires witnesses but is not legally recognised by the state. Ms Plummer has since visited him two or three time a year. Her last visit was scheduled to last for two weeks according to Mr Abdel Aziz. Her legal team will enter a written submission from her explaining she had not admitted guilt, but had meant to say she carried the drug without knowing it was illegal and with no intention of selling it.“Don’t be afraid [when speaking to the judge] be brave. Pray and I will pray for you,” Mr Bassal told Laura during the break.“It’s not fair,” Laura told her lawyer.The case was adjourned until Tuesday when her lawyers are expected to begin her defence and submit documents showing Omar Abdel Azim and his mother are being treated for illnesses that need Tramadol.Mr Bassal said: “In order for the drug crime elements to be complete, two conditions must be met. First advance knowledge that the substance is forbidden in the country of destination, and second it was brought for trading,” Mr Bassal told the Telegraph after the session.“Both conditions are not available in Laura’s case. The British Foreign Office has updated its travel instructions after Laura’s case. The new instructions included Tramadol in the drug list and mentioned Laura’s case by name.”Ms Plummer’s sister, Rachel, said her sister was visibly nervous, upset and sleep deprived.She said: “She’s answered some questions wrong because she’s not understanding them, she obviously can’t think straight. Ms Plummer broke down in tears during the session as her lawyers told her she should not have answered yes to the judge.last_img read more

Oxfam censors names of sacked Haiti staff as it releases 2011 report

first_imgThe investigation also concluded in its safeguarding recommendations at the end of the report that charities should be warned about “problem staff”. Some of the workers accused of abuse went on to successfully take up future posts in the aid sector.Earlier, Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, said that Mark Goldring, the chief executive of Oxfam, had shown that he “doesn’t get it” after he gave an interview in which he said Oxfam’s misdeeds had been overblown because the charity had not “murdered babies in their cots”.Ms Davidson said that “if he wants to lead Oxfam, he has to demonstrate that he understands what Oxfam has done wrong”. Oxfam has risked accusations of ­protecting staff who used prostitutes in Haiti after it released a censored version of its 2011 report into the scandal without the names of workers sacked.The charity said it wanted to be “as transparent as possible” about the investigation into the use of prostitutes by its staff. Seven were sacked or allowed to leave over their behaviour on the earthquake-hit island in 2010. However, it redacted the names of all guilty parties apart from Roland van Hauwermeiren, the former country director for Haiti, whose name was already in the public domain.The redacted report was released at around 6pm on Sunday night, 10 days after it was leaked to a newspaper, throwing the charity into crisis.Oxfam said it had removed names “to comply with the need for due process and confidentiality required by both privacy law and recommended UN guidelines on the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse”. Among those whose names were redacted were three men dismissed or who resigned for using prostitutes in Oxfam-funded properties and two who were dismissed for bullying and intimidation of Oxfam staff.A sixth was dismissed for gross misconduct for ­failing in his duty to protect staff. Three staff members under suspicion also “physically threatened” and “intimidated” a witness in the inquiry, the report said.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Speedos daring Racerback swimsuit that caused moral outrage is to go on

Swedish swimmer Arne Borg, who won five Olympic medals and broke 32 world records, was one of those who embraced the daring new design and he featured in several Speedo advertisements. It was also marketed to surfers and sunbathers, with a Speedo catalogue describing the Racerback as giving “maximum body exposure” for those in search of a tan.The controversial costume became key to the success of the Australian company, founded by Scottish immigrant Alexander MacRae.MacRae, who was born in 1888, grew up in a small fishing village near Loch Kishorn in the West Highlands, before moving to Sydney, Australia in 1910, and setting up a hosiery company called MacRae Knitting Mills in 1914. The Racerback is believed to be the only one in a UK collectionCredit:V&A Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Arne Borg (C) who won the gold medal in the 1500 metres freestyle in 1928 Arne Borg (C) who won the gold medal in the 1500 metres freestyle in 1928Credit:Popperfoto It prompted moral outrage when it was first launched in 1928 and was banned on many beaches for being too revealing.The Racerback swimsuit for men came onto the market at a time when swimwear was made out of wool and had sleeves to protect the wearer’s modesty.It was significantly more tight-fighting than other costumes of the time and made of cotton or silk which absorbed less water, allowing greater ease of movement. But it gradually became an essential piece of kit and soon came to prominence, cementing the reputation of the iconic Speedo brand.Only one known example of the revolutionary design remains in a UK collection and it is to go on display at the new V&A museum in Dundee.The costume has been loaned to the gallery, which is due to open on September 15, by the Leicestershire County Council Museums Service, which snapped it up when it came up for sale at a local vintage shop.Despite initial reservations, the design, which was comparatively sleek and lightweight, became a favourite with athletes and was worn by competitors at both the 1928 and 1932 Olympics. The Racerback is believed to be the only one in a UK collection The firm was known for supplying the Australian Army with socks during the First World War before branching out to cater for the growing popularity of beach sports.Meredith More, the assistant curator of the V&A Dundee, said organisers were “delighted to be able to include such an early Speedo swimsuit” in the Scottish design galleries.She added: “Alexander MacRae was one of many Scottish entrepreneurs who moved abroad to make his fortune. Capitalising on Australia’s growing beach culture, he created a ground-breaking swimsuit design that appealed to competitive swimmers and sunbathers alike.”The racerback’s revealing back straps challenged moral codes in the 1920s, when mixed bathing was only just becoming acceptable, but nobody could deny his hydrodynamic design allowed swimmers to achieve faster times.” read more

Cyclists and motorists should stop being confrontational says Sir Chris Hoy

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In heavy traffic cyclists are often the fastest people on the roads, more agile at getting through gaps than motorbikes, and they are not always seen by drivers.Cyclists complain of drivers winding down their windows to hurl abuse, while motorists make similar complaints. “We are people trying to get around and, whether you choose to go on foot, on a bike, a taxi, a bus, we are people trying to get from A to B, and you should remember that we are all someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister.”People’s lives are at risk and it’s time to stop having a them versus us. In reality most cyclists drive and vice versa. We have to try and put ourselves in the shoes of another person.”Sir Chris was speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival to promote his new book, How To Ride A Bike.CORRECTION: This article has been amended since it was first published. Although Sir Chris did call for less confrontation on the roads, we accept that he did not say cyclists should ‘stop hogging the road’ as the original article reported. We apologise for the misunderstanding.  Sir Chris said: “At the risk of getting too political about it all, in my opinion, when it comes to urban environments, or indeed anywhere riding a bike, it shouldn’t be a cyclist hit by a motorist or a confrontation between a taxi driver and a cyclist,” he said. Sir Chris Hoy has said cyclists and motorists should be less confrontational as he called for an end to the battle between cars and bikes. Britain’s most successful Olympic athlete said there needs to be a change in behaviour by both cyclists and motorists. Sir Chris, who has with six gold medals, said: “If you are cycling and thinking ‘Well, they can sit behind me for half a mile on this single lane road’ … it’s not about saying you should get out of the way and let them through, it’s about, when they do come past, just give them the thumbs-up and you can see the road’s clear, give them a wave through, say thanks and that little bit of communication helps.”The recent increase in the popularity of cycling – particularly in urban areas – has changed the dynamic of driving. read more

Britain is medicalising children rather than bringing them up properly the head

Protect yourself and your family. Find out more about our Duty of Care campaign to regulate social media Earlier this month Mr Stevens called for a levy on social media firms to fund NHS treatment of problems fuelled by social media.He also called for a ban on breast enlargement advertisments during Love Island, warning that the adverts – later banned – risked stoking body dysmorphia.Yesterday he said action to protect children from pressures online was critical, warning that statistics due to be published within weeks are set to show record levels of mental health problems among children.“We can’t just medicalise the failure to provide our children with a healthy and nurturing childhood,” he told MPs.Earlier this month Mr Stevens told a global summit that there is now a compelling body of evidence demonstrating the damaging impact of social media on children, which appears to be fuelling rising admissions to mental health services.Charities are concerned that long periods online mean children are growing up feeling increasingly inadequate, as they compare themselves to lives on Intagram on Facebook.Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, is currently carrying out a review of the impact on technology on children, which will consider whether the government should issue recommended screen time limits.It follows research in the Lancet  Child and Adolescent Health which found that children who spend more than two hours a day on smartphones and video games have significantly worse brain development than those with more strict limits. Britain is increasingly “medicalising” children instead of bringing them up properly,  the head of the health service has warned.Simon Stevens said the NHS will expand its mental health services in response to rising levels of anxiety and distress fuelled by social media.But he said that far more needed to be done to protect children, by giving them an upbringing which shielded them from some of today’s pressures.Health officials are currently drawing up plans to improve access to children’s mental health services, with £2bn a year set aside for mental healthcare.  But Mr Stevens said society needed to take more fundamental steps, to give children a better chance in life.The head of the NHS has already backed The Daily Telegraph’s duty of care campaign, calling for more stringent regulation of social media sites, in order to protect children from harm.Yesterday he told MPs that society needed to take action on the “underlying causes” of the twin epidemics of obesity and mental health problems afflicting today’s children.“There are broader questions that I think are quite fundamental here,” he told the Public Accounts Committee, highlighting the impact of social media  on Britain’s youth.“What is it that is driving the increase in the mental health problems, self-harm, various other expressions of distress and lack of psychological wellbeing on the part of young people?” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Student broke neck at college after wrestle with teacher twice his size

The teenager recovering in hospital after an operation on his neck A student claims he was left with a broken neck after allegedly being forced to take part in a “wrestling match” against his teacher.Imaam Usman, 18, needed to have a metal plate put in his neck as a result of the supervisor – said to be twice his size – falling on him during the tussle last month.Bradford College said it had launched an investigation into the accident, which took place during an outdoor class for the BTEC diploma in public services.  His class had been asked to tackle a variety of physical challenges in a park near the college on December 7.The teacher was said to have wanted to demonstrate the key skills that eight-stone Mr Usman would need to fulfil his ambition of becoming a police officer.The size mismatch gave the teenager cause for concern – but he claimed his objections were dismissed.It is understood the allegation that the pupil was forced to take part in the activity is disputed by others, with the circumstances of the injury a focus of the school’s investigation. Mr Usman said:  “Firstly, they made us wrestle with other students our own size and that went OK. Then I was forced to wrestle with a teacher. “We were on our knees in the field of a park and he lunged towards me. He grabbed me from the upper back and then threw me to the ground in like a grappling move.”I was facing towards the ground and then he fell on top of me. At that moment, his knee or leg hit my neck and I felt something crack.” The teenager recovering in hospital after an operation on his neckCredit:SWNS Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mr Usman was initially taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary, where scans showed that he had broken a vertebra in his neck.Doctors determined an operation was necessary when his injury failed to heal and the cracked bone was replaced with a metal plate last week.Now Mr Usman fears his hopes of joining the police service have been ruined.His father, Osman Sharif, 39, said: “This was a mismatch and they should not have made him wrestle.”A spokesman for Bradford College said: “The safety of students and staff is paramount and any incidents are treated with the utmost seriousness.”A full investigation was launched in line with our policies and procedures.”As that investigation remains ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment any further at this time except to say that we wish Imaam a full and speedy recovery.” read more

Knife crime epidemic in primary schools as figures show dozens of young

The primary school pupils are only just above the age of criminal responsibility but will now have a serious criminal record. They come… The figures, obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the Ministry of Justice, also show the number of 10 to 17 year olds convicted or cautioned for knife crime is at a ten-year high, up by 62 per cent to 4,103 offenders in just five years. They are significant because the incidents were deemed so serious police decided to prosecute or issue a criminal sanction. The offences include making threats with a knife or possession. More than 50 ten and 11-year-olds were convicted or cautioned for knife crime last year, according to data obtained by The Telegraph. read more