May, 2017

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2015 Jilin 1 billion 290 million venture capital loans led to entrepreneurship in the 60 thousand

entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the first is the source of venture capital. In order to solve this problem, a lot of passengers hit the problem, Jilin issued venture capital loans to help about 200000 entrepreneurs.

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Wedding which brand good

wedding dress is how many people will only wear clothes once a lifetime, therefore, people will pay great attention to the brand, then the wedding which brand is good? Put on a beautiful wedding dress is the dream of every girl’s heart, a lot of International Wedding brand with fashion design, become a unique brand in people’s minds. People in the choice of wedding dress brand and hesitant, the following is the wedding of the top ten brands list.

wedding which brand is good? 1, Pronovias: Spanish romantic love read more

No money how to start a business venture capital projects

does not have a large amount of money at hand, but the dream of entrepreneurship, how to do? There is no need for a lot of money in the project? Do you have a good business with good prospects and big profits? How to start a business without money? Xiaobian this will introduce you to a few such projects.

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Novice snack shop in accordance with the following steps

open a snack bar looks easy, but for the experience of a friend, but also more trouble. Snacks in the market situation is very good all over the place, open snack stores are also very profitable. Novice snacks can be opened in accordance with the following five steps to operate.

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Yiwu business

is known to all, Yiwu commodity economy developed, Yiwu businessmen is even worse, in addition to many wealthy businessmen. It can be said that the obligor is a model and role model. So, what are the people who are worthy of our learning and respected? May wish to take a look at the business of Yiwu!

What is the gross margin of

100 root toothpick? 1 cents! A thin straw, how much profit? It’s 5 milli – $8.

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The top 8 entrepreneurial projects in 2013

2013 what investment projects will be out of the market? Investors are most concerned about the topic. To start a business, the first step is to choose a good project, a good project easier to succeed, easier access to lucrative profits. What are the good industries in 2013?

1, the manual of alcoholic beverages, beer boutique

2, wearable devices


4, consumer health and medical technology

5, a professional online retail

features let the pictures become more simple gifts. read more

Self catering kitchen kitchen kitchen

world what are you estimate this was also the title of the article, more fresh and unusual attracted the right, not wrong, this article is about the personality of the kitchen, guests cook yourself, the owner of the restaurant is just sitting leisurely, with what is going on, you along with Xiaobian look at it.

this is a self-service kitchen hiding in Cangshan District of Fuzhou City, a residential area, is a one hundred square meters of ordinary three bedroom suites. Large kitchen with three walls set up three table, three sets of kitchen preparation, gas stove, lampblack machine, electric kettle, chopping board, water tank, a variety of pots and pans Goods are available in all varieties.

"I is the normal university students, home in Hunan, Fuzhou will not adapt to the tastes, thinking from time to time to do some good, but in the dormitory also can not cook. After the discovery of this self-service kitchen, every weekend I will go to the nearby supermarket to buy materials, please come over to me to do authentic Hunan dishes to eat." Miss Lin said, here is not only suitable for the 35 friends together, can also do a twenty or thirty party, she is the Mid Autumn Festival is here to participate in the school association party, everyone together to eat together to play together, the atmosphere is very good.

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Have you ever been in business

entrepreneurship is not based on a point that is not to say that you find a right to be successful, but after careful study on your projects, choose one of the most suitable, the most profitable project, but in the process of looking for a lot of people will inadvertently enter and you went to business mistakes?

technology misleading. Whether at home or abroad, entrepreneurs often hear: "my technology is the best, my technology is really the best." But venture capital is not just investment technology, the project is very important in the technical content, but its position is only part of it, as well as marketing, as well as management. Many people ask, "we have the best technology, why don’t you invest?" here, the investor is not to invest but to invest in high growth companies. read more

Points of attention in the choice of entrepreneurial projects

go on the road of entrepreneurship, it is likely to turn over all of their assets, so if you do not take care, it may be all your lost effort, and eventually became empty, distressed people, so we must pay attention to the project, the whole network Xiaobian to brief you on what needs attention!

A, to choose their own projects.

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How to do a good job in customer reception work

no matter what kind of shop opened, if the customer can not do the reception work, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. So, if we want to open a business hot shop, naturally also need to do a good job related to the customer. So, how to do a good job of plant hair dye customer reception work?

exhausted when we opened a plant, Hair Coloring Museum, has done a lot of publicity to attract customers to the store, at this time if the loss of customers, so it would be justified, therefore, the shop sales and reception work must not be ignored, especially for such a plant Hair Coloring Museum for many people also relatively unfamiliar industry. read more

Small start which good

is now a lot of people want to invest, but what kind of venture investment, the best way to go, the first to be controlled by the capital, there is the following several small investment projects, but how to choose, you can see clear.

handicraft shop

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Open barbecue shop want to make money to attract consumers is the key

is the barbecue shop by a lot of young people love, at the same time, often see some barbecue shop on the market appeared more vigorous, more money, has attracted many people’s attention, want to open a barbecue shop, how to attract the majority of customers visit? Here comes the discussion with Xiao bian.

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What fast food brands make more money

fast pace of life destined for the food and beverage industry in the fast food business model will be enduring, sustained and stable development. Many investors see such opportunities exist, have chosen to invest in the food and beverage industry, but not all of the food and beverage investment projects can not make a steady loss, want to get rich, the investment in the early selection of good investment projects is critical. So what fast food brands make more money?

what fast food brands make more money? Want to do business to make money fast, join the steaming delicious fast food nutrition is the best choice, steamed delicious and nutritious fast food shops nowadays of health and health as the focus, to create a healthy and nutritious food, to bring consumers to enjoy delicious fast and healthy. Steamed delicious nutrition fast food can be in such a competitive situation, sales are rising by its unique technology! The most important technology is delicious steamed steamed food". read more

ndia’s 7 year old boy was forced to marry his dog is the astrologers say

recently, a 7 year old boy in India was forced to marry a dog for the first time since his first wife died. Wedding day the whole village to congratulate. Man and beast wedding is not uncommon in India.

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Rent money is a business opportunity

many people after seeing this title, is the first to reflect the lease to others to make money, indeed, is actually the case, but the general sense of the lease and has great difference, of course, money will be different, as in the end what difference, see here!

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A continuous entrepreneur summed up the experience of the seven Q

2015 "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the wind blowing over in the new 2016, on both sides of the Changjiang River, management policy is to vigorously promote the implementation of. The following is shared by a continuous entrepreneur summed up seven entrepreneurial experience.

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New business opportunities pregnant women Restaurant

The body needs special

pregnant women, and strict nutrition, so many food businesses will not dare to try, it is this advantage, the restaurant has a broad space to pregnant women, pregnant women in Beijing restaurant has a huge success. Beijing’s first flagship nutritious meal of pregnant women’s restaurant, although the creativity of nutrition experts affirmed, but in the pregnant women’s Restaurant learned that, due to higher pricing, dinner time to go to support pregnant women rarely. The first restaurant in pregnant women praised embarrassment. read more

Teach you how to do a good job in the restaurant

catering industry wants to succeed, the road is the same, the key is to see if you can stick to the principle, adhere to the final. In general, the following principles must be followed: seven

first, strive for innovation.

second, only to innovative restaurants will have a future, hidebound or blindly imitate others, eventually will fail, any restaurants must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to increase the customer.

second, the pursuit of growth.

third, do not pursue the growth of food and beverage stores, or not to challenge the higher goals, can not taste the joy of success and a sense of fullness. If you just want to mix the mouth to eat, naturally will be sloppy, eliminated. read more

The ten major kitchen brand rankings

good kitchen appliances can make family life more intelligent, bring more enjoyment of life, therefore, you can see the kitchen is now very hot market. We must also be careful in the selection of kitchen appliances. Here, we’ll take a look at the top ten bathroom brands list. Look at what kind of kitchen is not only tall and durable.


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Join the meow small potato powder all greedy money

enduring brand to join the project, it belongs to the catering industry. And many joined the food and beverage industry franchisee, are also entrepreneurs choose to join the food and beverage industry to get rich. Small business choose to join the greedy meow small potato powder? Their own to open a small meow greedy potato powder stores, the shop is made!

small meow greedy potato powder mellow attractive, refreshing smooth, soft rib fibrillation, suitable for various stages of food groups. Meow small potato powder greedy selection of the finest ingredients, fresh materials, make the potato powder not only bright and delicious, nutritious and healthy. Meow small potato powder using greedy superior to potato powder seasonings, spicy and delicious, eat one, easy to meet consumer taste buds. Meow small greedy potato powder is a good brand to join. read more