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Bayonne Briefs

first_imgEaster Egg Hunt at Bayonne Medical CenterDozens of Bayonne children recently enjoyed scrambling for Easter eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt held on the front lawn at CarePoint Health–Bayonne Medical Center. The fun also included a mini-Easter parade and photos with the Easter Bunny. × Mayor condemns Palm Sunday Church Bombings in Egypt“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Coptic Christian community,” Mayor James Davis said in a statement. “All people should have the right to worship freely and without fear of violence. We condemn the attacks, as we would condemn attacks on any people who are simply trying to observe their religious traditions. We stand by the victims who were trying to pray on Palm Sunday.”Resnick’s torn downDemolition began on the old Resnick’s Hardware Store this week, as bulldozers tore down the Broadway landmark piece by piece to make way for a new apartment building.A PILOT (payment in-lieu of taxes) was granted to local developer, Lance Lucarelli, in February for a 10-story mixed-use building to be constructed on the site at 46th Street and Broadway. The project is expected to be completed late in 2018.Four generations and 99 years of Larry Resnick’s family have sold hardware on Broadway before the company moved from its iconic hardware store on 46th Street to its new digs 10 blocks south on 36th Street.BPSAA calls for Trustee Charles Ryan’s resignationThe Bayonne Public School Administrators Association (BPSAA), the union representing school administrators, has sent a letter to Bayonne Board of Education (BBOED) President Joseph Broderick requesting Trustee Charles Ryan’s resignation due to “inappropriate, unprofessional and unethically improper conduct” they perceived when Ryan and BPSAA President Tim Craig got heated at a March 22 meeting over Craig’s request to hire 10 musicians to play in the orchestra for Bayonne High School’s spring musical, “Sister Act.”Ryan was skeptical of paying $2,000 to musicians in the pit, suggesting that students perform instead. Craig apologized for submitting the request only two days prior, leaving some trustees without enough time for consideration.“My problem is with you,” Ryan said to Craig, while also voicing his “lack of confidence” in the BPSAA President.The argument comes amid a significant structural deficit that is pushing the districts to lay off teachers and administrators. Craig’s wife, Laura, also a member of the BPSAA, was re-assigned in January from Director of Special Needs Programs to Coordinator of Academy of Fine Arts and Academics. Young men allegedly stealing money off bar topsA group of four young men on Friday, April 7, were recorded stealing cash from the bar top at Danny Boy’s Pub. The manager posted the video on Facebook showing the four men, all dressed in hoodies come into the bar. After being denied alcohol because of their age, one man swiped his arm across the bar and walked out in a hurry, pursued by patrons at the bar. According to pub employees, the men were last seen fleeing up 10th Street toward Avenue E. The same group has allegedly been spotted at other bars throughout town engaging in similar behavior.last_img read more

OCPD Activity Report July 30-August 5

first_imgAugust 3, 2017: ThursdayCalls for service: 199 Vehicle Stops: 20 Accidents: 4 Property Checks: 39  Alarms: 7The Police Department assisted with 12 fire and 11 EMS callsVehicle accident, E. Atlantic Blvd., at 9:39amTheft, 900 block Ocean Ave., at 9:49amTheft, 800 block Atlantic Ave., at 10:09amVehicle accident, 16th St. & West Ave., at 11:41amVehicle accident, 800 block West Ave., at 1:47pmDomestic violence, 300 block Corinthian Ave., at 1:48pmTheft, 3400 block Asbury Ave., at 2:13pmWarrant, 800 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 2:39pmTheft, 1400 block West Ave., at 3:24pmVehicle accident, 7th St. & West Ave., at 3:37pmTheft, 500 block Bay Ave., at 5:08pmTheft, 5400 block Bay Ave., at 5:52pmAugust 5, 2017: FridayCalls for service: 215Stops: 17 Vehicle Accidents: 5  Property Checks: 33  Alarms: 4The Police Department assisted with 14 fire and 11 EMS callsNoise violation, 800 block Brighton Pl., at 12:47amDomestic violence, 2100 block Asbury Ave., 1:00amTheft, 1200 block Boardwalk, at 2:01amWarrant, Bay Rd., one in custody, at 8:24amVehicle accident, Park Pl., at 10:32amVehicle accident, 34th St. & Asbury Ave., at 12:17pmVehicle accident, 14th St. & Bay Ave., at 1:09pmVehicle accident, 29th St. & West Ave., at 3:32pmTheft, Kingston La., at 6:21pmVehicle accident, 500 block 9th St., at 7:28pmTheft, 2500 block Beach, at 8:32pmTheft, 1100 block Boardwalk, at 10:27pmTheft, 1200 block Wesley Ave., at 11:57pmAugust 5, 2017: SaturdayCalls for service: 195 Stops: 21  Accidents: 5   Property Checks: 30  Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 17 fire and 10 EMS callsVehicle accident, 7th St. & Atlantic Ave., at 9:13amVehicle accident, 800 block 2nd St., at 12:08pmVehicle accident, 13th St. & Asbury Ave., at 1:27pmVehicle accident, 5th St. & Atlantic Ave., at 6:53pmBurglary, 3600 block West Ave., at 6:59pmVehicle accident, 3rd St. & Bay Ave., at 7:47pmCDS, 200 block Wesley Ave., at 7:57pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.Bicycle riders must obey all Vehicle laws similar to that of a Vehicle. They must stop at stop signs, traffic lights and ride with the flow of traffic.       Bicycle riders are not pedestrians and do not have the same right of way as a pedestrian when crossing the street at an intersection.When traveling on Route 52, remember that New Jersey State Law requires Vehicles to KEEP RIGHT and pass left. The speed limit is 45 mph for the causeway.By City Ordinance alcohol is not allowed on the beach and boardwalk or other public locations. Fines for this offense are $250.00 Ocean City Public Safety Building Calls for Service: 1374           Daily Average: 196July 30, 2017: SundayCalls for service: 227Stops: 33  Accidents: 5  Property Checks: 43 Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 17 Fire and 13 EMS callsTheft, Whelk Dr., at 9:52amVehicle accident, 1100 Ocean Ave., at 12:32pmTheft, 900block Boardwalk, at 1:20pmTheft, 600 block Simpson Ave., at 1:23pmFraud, 800 block 3rd St., at 2:22pmVehicle accident, 12th St. & Bay Ave., at 2:38pmVehicle accident, 800 block West Ave., at 2:55pmTheft, 900 block Boardwalk, at 5:20pmVehicle accident, 13th St. & Wesley Ave., at 5:41pmVehicle accident, 900 block Ocean Ave., at 6:48pmTheft, 900 block Boardwalk, at 9:05pmAssault, 1000 block Boardwalk, at 11:47pmJuly 31, 2017: MondayCalls for service: 168 Stops: 15 Accidents: 1   Property Checks: 41  Alarms: 0The Police Department assisted with 13 Fire and 13 EMS callsVehicle accident, Shelter Rd., at 11:09amTheft, 700 block 8th St., at 4:11pmTheft, W. 17th St., at 4:22pmWarrant, 900 block Wesley Ave., one in custody, at 9:51pmAugust 1, 2017: TuesdayCalls for service: 171                           Stops: 22 Accidents: 5    Property Checks: 23    Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 5 fire and 7 EMS callsBurglary, 2700 block Asbury Ave., at 7:46amTheft, 300 block Battersea Rd., at 8:57amTheft, 3200 block Central Ave., at 9:48amTheft, 3500 block Asbury Ave., at 10:18amTheft, 800 block Brighton Pl., at 10:19amTheft, 3500 block Asbury Ave., at 10:54amVehicle accident, 900 block Asbury Ave., at 1:08pmTheft, 500 block Bay Ave., at 1:30pmVehicle accident, 1100 block Boardwalk, at 4:58pmVehicle accident, 10th St. & Bay Ave., at 5:36pmVehicle accident, 600 block 10th St., at 7:04pmTheft, 800 block Boardwalk, at 9:03pmTheft, 2400 block West Ave., at 10:30pmAugust 2, 2017: WednesdayCalls for service: 198Stops: 34  Accidents: 2  Property Checks: 44      Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 12 fire and 13 EMS callsAssault, 300 block Atlantic Ave., at 12:39amTheft, 1300 block Ocean Ave., at 9:15amTheft, 2300 block West Ave., at 11:00amDomestic violence, 900 block 5th St., at 11:14amTheft, 5500 block Beach, at 11:17amVehicle accident, 700 block Wesley Ave., at 11:53amAssault, 600 block 8th St., at 1:57pmVehicle accident,, 33rd St. & Bay Ave., at 4:17pmTheft, 1100 block Boardwalk, at 11:10pmlast_img read more

Primebake jobs

first_imgChilled speciality breadmaker New Primebake is on a recruitment drive following its acquisition by Icelandic food giant Bakkavör Group.The undisclosed deal is awaiting Office of Fair Trading approval in the the next few weeks, which would create the largest supplier of chilled bread products in the UK. Meanwhile, the firm has been advertising in the local press for production and despatch operatives at its Nantwich plant. More jobs are on the cards when an extension is built on the site at the end of the year. It supplies major UK retailers with products such as filled garlic baguettes and craft breads.last_img read more

Ferrari’s finds buyer

first_imgA corporate recovery firm has saved 500 jobs at Ferrari’s Bakery after making an as set purchase of the Welsh business on February 27.The 60-shop bakery with central factory, based in Hirwaun, Aberdare (number 15 in British Baker’s top 50 bakery retailers list) went into administration on December 18.Cameron Gunn is MD of the purchase vehicle which is called Best Bakeries/Ferrari’s Fresh Bakeries. He told British Baker he was very excited by the deal, which came after he looked at around 30 potential investments in the last year.He commented: “I have moved from Croydon to Wales for this and really rolled my sleeves up. It is a pleasure to get to work on this. The company has a great customer base.” He added that he had no plans to decrease headcount or close any shops; quite the opposite, he would bring in expertise on the manufacturing and retail side and develop the business.None of the former senior management were involved with the deal, he said. He would review range over the next year with significant changes, he added.He said: “Ferrari’s is a well-established name on the high street and we look forward to building on its reputation as a seller of high-quality bakery products.”The business was advertised for sale by administrator Begbies Traynor, alongside its sister company Celtic Savouries. Begbies Traynor said it closed Celtic Savouries on February 20, following feedback from potential buyers that it would need too much capital investment. One equipment supplier had removed his kit.The previous owner of the businesses, Cleary Foods, had blamed lower sales and higher costs for the downturn in the company’s fortunes.last_img read more

Napier Brown hit by sugar regime, while Renshaw thrives

first_imgThe Real Good Food Company (RGFC) saw total sales down 7% as its sugar business experienced the “toughest ever” financial year. Meanwhile growth in its bakery ingredients division Renshaw, beat its highest expectations.Total group sales stood at £200.1m for the year ended 31 December 2010, compared to £215.6m in 2009. EBITDA remained at £5.6m, in line with the previous year.The firm reported an EBITDA increase of 67% to £5.5m at Renshaw, as sales rose 13% to £43 million, with sugar paste a key driver across all markets. “A particular focus on developing our export markets has proved highly successful, we reinforced our commercial and product development team during the year, and are planning to further develop our export management team in 2011,” commented chairman Pieter Totté. A Renshaw-branded range is also due to be introduced in the market place in May 2011. RGFC said its sweet bakery manufacturer Haydens is continuing to grow sales, while also carrying out its restructuring and refurbishment plan. The opening of its new premises, adjacent to its existing bakery, is scheduled for May this year.Totté said its Napier Brown sugar distribution business had been trading on the last stage of the EU sugar regime reform, during this financial year, “with a reference price drop of 28% over the 2008 level”.From October last year however, it saw improved volumes and margins, pointing to the tightness in the EU market for the 2010-11 campaign and the subsequent rocketing of prices for the turnaround.“In our view the tightness of the market that we started to see in late 2010 will continue into 2011 and 2012. World shortages of sugar have been well reported and this, on top of the EU shortage, will add to the volatility in the market-place,” commented Totté.The firm said that two years ago the majority of its supply came from the UK, but this has begun to change. It now envisages over 50% of its supply will be imported by 2012. “We have been extensively researching new supply sources and have entered into a number of new supply agreements, some of them exclusive,” added the firm.In October 2010 its Garrett dairy business was de-merged from Napier Brown, and re-launched under its original name Garrett Ingredients, in October 2010, to reflect the successful proposition and heritage in the dairy market.last_img read more

Press release: Women offered NHS breast screening after missed invitations

first_imgThe decision follows analysis by Public Health England (PHE) dating back to 2009, which found that a number of invitations for a final test had not been sent out to women, between their 68th and 71st birthday. The total number of older women affected since 2009 is estimated to be approximately 450,000.The routine NHS breast screening programme invites more than 2.5 million women every year for a test, with women between the ages of 50 to 70 receiving a screen every 3 years up to their 71st birthday. Around 2 million women take up the offer.The problem was identified in January 2018 whilst reviewing the progress of the age extension trial (AgeX). It then became apparent that a similar impact has resulted from long term problems with the routine programme as well. In addition, some local services have not invited everyone for a final screen in the 3 years before their 71st birthday.PHE has carried out a thorough investigation including a detailed analysis of data going back to 2009 and has been advised by experts and clinicians. The fault has now been identified and fixed and women who did not receive their final routine invitation and are registered with a GP are being contacted and offered the opportunity to have a catch up screen. All of these women will be contacted by the end of May 2018. Women can seek advice by calling the helpline on 0800 169 2692. We anticipate that all rescreens will be completed by the end of October 2018 and extra capacity is being identified so that routine screening will not be affected.Dr Jenny Harries, PHE Deputy Medical Director said: The total number of women screened in 2016 to 2017 was 2.2 million (2,199,342). The number of women invited was 2.9 million (2,959,979). All women that were not sent an invitation for their final screen will be given the opportunity for a new screening appointment. All women under 72 years old who are affected will receive an appointment letter informing them of their time and date. Women aged 72 years old and above will be able to contact a dedicated helpline to discuss whether a screen could benefit them. On behalf of NHS breast screening services, we apologise to the women affected and we are writing to them to offer a catch-up screening appointment. They and their families’ wellbeing is our top priority and we are very sorry for these faults in the system. A complex IT problem with the breast screening invitation system has led to some women not being invited for their final screen between their 68th and 71st birthdays. We have carried out urgent work to identify the problem and have fixed it. Additional failsafe systems have been introduced to ensure the problem does not reoccur. There are 79 local NHS breast screening services across the country. Women are routinely screened every three years, with the number of women invited per screening service ranging from 25,738 to 254,645. It is estimated that 450,000 women since 2009 were not invited for a screen and 309,000 women were not invited for a screen and are alive. The NHS breast screening programme is a world leading prevention service for women in England detecting around 18,400 cancers per year and saving 1,300 lives.Local breast screening services are currently working closely with NHS England and PHE to ensure that all of the women affected are contacted and offered the opportunity for a screen.The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has commissioned an independent review of the NHS breast screening programme to look at issues, including its processes, IT systems and further changes and improvements that can be made to the system to minimise the risk of any repetition of this incident.The review will be chaired by Lynda Thomas, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support and Professor Martin Gore, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Professor of Cancer Medicine at The Royal Marsden, and is expected to report in 6 months.Background An independent panel concluded in 2012 that, while routine breast screening at ages 50 to 70 confers significant benefit to UK women, the advantages and disadvantages of starting breast screening at younger or older ages were uncertain. A clinical trial, AgeX led by Oxford University, is ongoing to assess reliably the risks and benefits of offering an extra screen to women aged 71 to 73 and between 47 to 49 years. Email [email protected] Telephone 0800 169 2692 Breast cancer screening helpline In developing its response to this issue, PHE consulted an expert clinical group including radiologists, consultant breast surgeons, oncologists and epidemiologists. The long term clinical research trial called AgeX, led by Oxford University, is ongoing to assess reliably the risks and benefits of offering an extra screen to women aged 71 to 73 and between 47 to 49 years.last_img read more

Bakery and patisserie chain Paul names new marketing director

first_imgFrench bakery and patisserie chain Paul has appointed Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels as marketing director of its UK and US operations. Family-owned Paul, which opened its first London shop in 2000, now has outlets across the capital.Pretzel-Shiels “has 30 years’ experience in creating and growing commercially powerful B2B and B2C customer relationships through precisely delivered marketing strategies, following many successful leadership roles at American Express”, according to the company.Jean-Michel Orieux, CEO of Paul UK, said: “We are delighted to have Kathryn on board. Her extensive experience in the UK, EMEA and US markets is invaluable to the development of our brand.”last_img read more

West Midlands family firm John Dwyer Bakery sold

first_imgFamily business John Dwyer Bakery has been acquired by Bridgwater Bros, owner of frozen food supplier The UK Foodhall.Founded by John and Jacqueline Dwyer in 1986, the Rugby-based bakery produces, supplies and delivers one-off and batch baked goods to supermarkets, schools, universities and catering companiesThe deal brings Bridgwater’s portfolio of companies to 12 and will enable it to focus on expanding Shrewsbury-based The UK Foodhall.John Dwyer Bakery will continue to operate under its existing brand as a trading subsidiary of Bridgwater.Financial advisors Benchmark International, which oversaw the deal, said The UK Foodhall would benefit from John Dwyer Bakery’s loyal customer base and growth through new products.“I feel confident of the continuing success of John Dwyer Bakery as part of a larger group,” John Dwyer said. “The acquisition will strengthen our market position and we look forward to working with The UK Foodhall to take advantage of the growth opportunities available.”Alex Forshaw, associate director at Benchmark International, added: “Bridgwater Bros is the ideal acquirer to allow John and Jackie to realise their personal objectives while ensuring the continued growth of the company.”The sellers were advised by Benchmark International as lead adviser, and Freeman Fisher LLP as lawyer. The buyer was advised by Marshalls Solicitors.last_img read more

Travel Efficiently with PowerEdge Servers and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

first_imgI spent part of the weekend being an amateur travel agent for my family. It reminded me that the logistical details of travel are like the complexities of data-centric workloads. Data may be our most precious resource, but the speed at which we can access and use it is equally important. Look at it this way: say you were going on a trip, but your luggage was delayed at your connection. All your carefully-packed items are not useful to you until you have them. Data works the same way.We have more data points now from our smartphone to the Edge. And more reasons to hold data, whether it is for analysis or regulatory reasons. Even virtualized database infrastructures have become overburdened. Response times can lag during critical peak periods. And that can lead to lower employee productivity and less customer satisfaction. If you were booking on a travel site and there was a long delay or slowed response times, you might decide to use another site. Your customers would also consider an alternative if your response times are too long.PowerEdge servers with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory can offer up to 15.36TB of memory to support large databases. Having significant memory so close to the processors helps eliminate bottlenecks and can provide better response times and faster transactions. This is akin to opening multiple runways at a busy airport. It provides ways for planes — or in this case data — to travel in and out quickly. Adding more memory to virtualization environments allows you to improve CPU utilization to make better use of server resources.Just like economy seats can be more cost-effective versus roomier first class seats, consolidating databases can offer space and cost savings in your data center. The Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory can support up to 2.6x the number of database virtual machines (up to 10 more transactional database virtual machines per server) with a large memory footprint.[1] Plus, you can easily configure and update Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory with iDRAC out-of-band management.How fast is data able to travel in your data center? Please join our conversation @DellEMCServers, we can’t wait to hear about the ways you are using data to drive better results.[1] *Based on Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell EMC, “Support more VMs with large databases and memory footprints by adding Intel Optane DC persistent memory to your Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 server”, November 2019, comparing the capabilities of a PowerEdge R940 running VMWare ESXi using Microsoft SQL Databases and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory vs. the same server with only DRAM. Actual result will vary.last_img read more

Tickets Now on Sale for Three Roundabout Productions

first_imgMarin Ireland(Photo courtesy of Polk & Co.) Tickets are now available for three upcoming Roundabout Theatre Company productions: Marvin’s Room, Napoli, Brooklyn and On the Exhale.Scott McPherson’s Marvin’s Room will make its Broadway premiere next year at the American Airlines Theatre. Directed by Anne Kauffman, the production will run from June 8, 2017 through August 27, with opening night set for June 29.Marvin’s Room follows estranged sisters Lee and Bessie, who have never seen eye to eye. Lee is a single mother who’s been busy raising her troubled teenage son, Hank. Bessie’s got her hands full with their elderly father and his soap opera-obsessed sister. When Bessie is diagnosed with leukemia, the two women reunite for the first time in 18 years.Gordon Edelstein will direct Napoli, Brooklyn, an RTC commission by Meghan Kenedy. Performances will begin on June 9 at the Laura Pels Theatre, where it is scheduled to run through September 3. Opening night is set for June 27.Napoli, Brooklyn tells the story of the women of the Muscolino family, who live under the temper of their husbands and father in the 1960s. When a tragedy rocks their Brooklyn neighborhood, the women fight to find and hold on to their voices and a life beyond their four walls.As previously announced, Tony nominee Marin Ireland will headline Martín Zimmerman’s On the Exhale. Performances will begin in the Black Box space at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre on February 7 and run through April 2. Opening night is set for February 28.In On the Exhale, Ireland plays a liberal college professor who finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very weapon used to perpetrate the crime—and to the irresistible feeling of power that comes from holding life and death in her hands. Peering down the barrel of a uniquely American crisis, she begins to suspect that when it comes to gun violence, we’re all part of the problem.Additional casting and design team for the productions will be announced at a later date. View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 27, 2017center_img Marvin’s Room Related Showslast_img read more