Shanghai Longfeng enterprise internal training plan

A friend once the

then, communication analysis of the foreign trade company in Shanghai Longfeng department and other departments.

finally, according to the development of Shanghai dragon training plan the actual situation of the above analysis.

in May 19th, I wrote an article entitled: talk within the company of Shanghai dragon training article, mainly expounds the importance of the Shanghai dragon training engage in internal enterprise, and who carry out the training work of Shanghai dragon. But are some general details, not a detailed plan or scheme, or will make people feel foggy. Because it involves all walks of life, so I can not. Here the author from the familiar foreign trade to begin, specific to the actual situation of different industries tend to have the difference, then the content of the training must be targeted. Good gossip anyway, to the point. We should first analyze the company under the current situation, if it is a big company is Shanghai dragon department.

, the author analyzes several problems of foreign trade companies exposed here, the first list, and then targeted to Shanghai dragon training:

first, analyze the actual situation under the foreign trade company in Shanghai Longfeng department.

will laugh: "I do foreign trade Shanghai dragon is not outside the chain", although it is just a joke, but the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon in the heavy. To tell you the truth we spent most of our time in the hair of the chain, the station but also update the products or news. The station do a little, no way ah. After all, foreign trade and brand, enterprises cannot stand that station. As long as the enterprises ranked up, more is the maintenance station. Foreign trade station number, short period, need a short time effect. Also according to the product characteristics of steps and methods to adjust the appropriate optimization. At present the company several new freshmen, may not know what is the Shanghai dragon. In addition because the employee is a long-term "heart but the hair of the chain, two ears do not hear out of the window". So little is known about the Shanghai dragon theory knowledge, not to form an overall concept of Shanghai dragon. Also the lack of methods for how to find the chain resources.


1, Shanghai dragon basic knowledge: basic theoretical knowledge about Shanghai dragon is actually not much, as long as we usually go to love Shanghai. Or visit Shanghai Longfeng forum, webmaster website basically is the difference.

Shanghai dragon

departments can not be isolated, need the technical departments of awesome support. Shanghai dragon after all and websites dealing with the page design and program development sites are needed and Shanghai Longfeng communicate well. At present the company in this respect is also good, but there are still inadequate, in the development of Shanghai dragon software mainly. Have a good Shanghai Longfeng software can greatly improve the work efficiency. For example: the development of a noble baby. Collector, can quickly collect what you want.

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