Teach you how to work for in Shanghai Longfeng easy to deal with

you can answer: increase the resource utilization of existing resources and the station. For example: the promotion of soft paper, existing site adjustment, these are to improve the weights of the website, and the website how to send external links and update frequency is also can improve the site weight.

For the 3

common in Shanghai Longfeng candidates questions: (which we are most concerned about the part of

A lot of

2, how fast increase the weight of


3, analysis of the company’s website, as an implementation of the scheme. If a competitor, you have to analyze the specific conditions of the opponent, how to operate more than rivals.

company or supervisor? The solutions of

the first applicant will understand the two principles: first principles to choose their own familiar with the industry to work in Shanghai and Phoenix, gehangrugeshan, engaged in the industry to you know your development and promotion can play a crucial reason. The second principle is the work of Shanghai Longfeng choose high paying, although the money is not a panacea, but may be paid for you after the accumulation of a pot of gold business.


search engine’s unprecedented long exhibition, let more and more people of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and understand more and more people learn Shanghai Longfeng people who are thinking about their own business, but if there is no good project, no partner, no resources, no money is most afraid of. So many people have to choose to find a good job in Shanghai Longfeng area, by the company to build their own brands first. Chollima often, but Bole not often, so we see in a very Shanghai Longfeng work. We want to do is make full preparation. Don’t play with no chance of war. The fat man to practice experience to teach people how to deal with the question of

you can answer: according to the following analysis I need three months to make up the reason: I was white means it’ll be very stable, according to the statistics of the top three players, the difference between the number of your company. The proportion of links so I need three months to do.

, 2 general high salary for people, if you can provide more added value, that you were hired possibility of more high. For example, in the love of Shanghai above the negative information such as their company or product. If you can use your Shanghai Dragon technology, the bad information down. Then your chances will be great.

1, how long will it take to make up

1, if you don’t understand what you are applying for industry, that you spend a week to thoroughly understand the industry and clear the site or the product orders is how to complete the transaction, you can pretend to be the customer, said you want to buy the product. Feel out. And the most effective keywords, the best thing you can do to better understand this industry than the human resources people. In fact, this is not difficult, because we do Shanghai Longfeng, looking for information that I believe are master.

to talk about the candidates should be done before applying for:


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