Fish website optimization theory

: I think a dialectical theory can cast much bait to the fish pond, and the fact that not all data will be included in the sea of our website. This should explain how

Li Hai reply: you a bait was not thrown, you were thrown into the mud inside, so please cherish every opportunity to throw the bait. I made a dialectical three: data on other sites in Shanghai, love inside a word search ranking is in front, with your pond theory this phenomenon


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? The

put our web is like a boat;

Li Hai reply: this phenomenon can be explained by the boat for you, you are on the ship throwing bait

two: a dialectical data website above love Shanghai included, but the ranking is back, it is difficult to search out in Shanghai love inside, in this theory you should explain how


put the different data on our website above imagery into different bait boat;

dreams our website above love Shanghai collected data is equivalent to into the pool of bait.

Li Hai: you answer a bait does not conform to the standard ingredients, it is a micro macro bait, it is equivalent to a stone. So you have to prepare your heart to every bait

website optimization ? ?

the love of Shanghai compared to a fish pond;

today, to give you a buddy to share a very old article, this article is written by my friend Li Hai, Li Hai and A5 webmaster network founder Wang is a webmaster era map. They are both in the same year the Create Company, the king of figure A5 webmaster development brainchild, set up a banner in the webmaster circles. Li Hai has already put up the shutters. In July this year when I run local portal site technical problems, can not be resolved, then I commissioned Li Hai to help Li Hai, specially came from Anhui for me, thank you again for helping Li Hai. After the portal to solve technical problems, we talked a lot about the webmaster things in the cafe, he told me that era webmaster story, the times that they did not like the development of the Internet today so cruel, at that time the site was very good to sit up, because the site is small, many large websites today are is born from that time. After hearing his story, I regret not to enter the circle. Nonsense not say: look at Li Hai Li Hai’s theory of website optimization in fish ponds: theoretical hypothesis:

star into more bait fish ponds if we caught fish, the greater the possibility of.

client object we compared to a group of fish with different flavors of

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