Novice how to deal with the Shanghai dragon service orders


here is divided into two kinds, one is the customer specified keywords ranking, we don’t need him keyword positioning is accurate, only need to help him complete his assigned goal. For example, the customer requirements of certain keywords do love Shanghai home.

two, after a good location, the next station is optimized. Including navigation, page 404, keyword density and layout, code structure simplification, ROBOTS and so on.

five, in the update and the chain at the same time, we always go to observe the ranking and flow rate of the site, as well as some other data analysis, make corresponding adjustment constantly.

now many small businesses or individuals taking into account the cost of the recruitment of staff, the staff of Shanghai Longfeng online recruitment of part-time, you don’t need to go to the company to work full-time, just be able to specify your own website optimization to get the expected result can be. For enterprises and individuals in terms of time and cost savings, improve efficiency. The Shanghai dragon ER, is also a part-time opportunity to make money online. So as we optimize personnel, after receiving a list of optimization, specific how to optimize? Here specific practices do not speak of, talk about work steps, hope to bring some help.

Keywords The

is the first analysis of other websites, and competitors, and then locate the right keywords. Even a lot of long tail keywords.

three, general station optimization is basically determined and good, not too many changes, then the optimization is outside the station.

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second customers, he is no purpose. That is to say, let us to optimize the overall responsibility for the website, improve website browsing and trading volume. Such customers, we need more analysis and planning.

four, a site in the station location and layout after the usual work to be done, in the implementation and maintenance, is two. One is to update the contents and do the chain. The two is the chain. Update need to edit the chain, need someone to do. So the editors responsible for every day how many articles, and is responsible for updating the number of web sites. The chain specialist is responsible for every day how much hair outside the chain, where the hair of the chain, and the chain of hair which website.

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