mitation goods trade website optimization chicken ribs

imitation goods trade website profit is by winning number, usually we will copy many websites. Then rely on new product sales in the effect of noble baby peak, there will be some websites have a good ranking in the short term. But now with the noble baby algorithm update, the probability of more and more small lucky, all to do foreign trade website promotion personnel will wonder why I stand there is no new effect? The same way, almost the same time, of course, occasionally there are noble baby algorithm. But depending on the ranking of the "accidental" feeling is not reliable, the author thinks that this mode of operation has not.

fourth chicken ribs: user experience too low

as far as I know, almost all of the foreign trade goods imitation station without considering the user experience, the shopping habits of foreigners and may Chinese different. We should say customers are foreigners, so when the design of the site should be in the user experience a lot of thinking. Can not use Chinese shopping thinking to consider foreigners. For example: foreigners love relatively simple website, is not love gorgeous "effect Chinese, typical is the product of rolling effect. Less traffic, but the user experience degrees.

third chicken ribs

to do the promotion all understand the choice of words is the first step of website can be profitable, but also the most difficult step. Choose a good flow of your site will be able to choose the wrong even if your keywords can aristocratic baby first, it is useless. I do have a lot of foreign imitation goods station flow rarely (even the keywords ranking on the first page).

the company to optimize all the sites are the same, the chain structure is the same. In each product page with two anchor text, a pointer to the category page, another page. This fixed chain model is actually very good, should pay attention to the correlation between chain content. Don’t have a word to make a chain, remember our optimization objective is to increase the weight of the website and enhance the user experience, increase user stickiness. A large number of links to a page theme, can make it easy for search engines to determine which page is the most important. So the chain should be targeted. For example, you should focus on promotion of several products, can use more links to them, increase the weight of the inside pages.

the first chicken ribs: the chain structure of


second: the number of chicken ribs can win

The most fundamental

the imitation foreign trade website optimization is almost half a year now, did not understand this industry, do not know the way of imitation foreign trade station optimization. It was always like a normal optimization approach is very different, because there are a lot of operation is not used in the general site optimization, such as a hair of the chain and are basically garbage outside the chain, but also a large number of copies of the website. Now understand the imitation optimization model of the products foreign trade station. But I feel some website optimization "chicken ribs".

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