Fit era cool Xining how to take this chance

size attractions can be seen everywhere in twos and threes young Backpackers, scenic parking lot in the field of the license plate of private cars everywhere, the site of the forum, Xining travel Raiders endless…… Now, with the improvement of the income level and the concept of consumption changes, the era of travel fit has quietly come. Sampling survey of the city’s tourism sector showed that the phenomenon is more prominent in Xining tourism than the team off the team. From the past to play the leading role of the team swim to become the main force of the individual tour, the city in the reception facilities, tourism services and other aspects of what homework to do?

Xining Street Backpackers more and more

Backpackers Zhou Zhijia and friends have been in Xining for a week. Free time, want to play to play, would like to rest on the rest, especially Xining is a city that people want to stop to relax, with the group can not enjoy the cool tour of the charm of Xining." Zhou Zhijia admitted to reporters not to travel with the travel agency reasons. Today, people in the streets to see more and more Backpackers, tourists to Xining also showed fit trend.

City Tourism Bureau of tourism in recent years the city’s survey, more and more tourists choose to Nanjing self-help travel, driving the rising tourism rather than individual tourists phenomenon with the group for several consecutive years. Especially this year, may day, Dragon Boat Festival, eleven holidays, this situation is more obvious. Fit era, mainly due to changes in demand." The Municipal Tourism Bureau official said, before the tourist consumption ability is limited, mostly to travel with the group, now living standards improved, greatly enhance the independent consumption and individual consumption awareness and demand, especially young people, couples, more inclined to free travel.

how to provide one-stop service for tourists

due to cool weather, in recent years the city has attracted more and more summer visitors and tourists, because summer demand, stay in Xining longer, this to a certain extent, causing a hard to find a room, a car is hard to find". In order to cope with the hot tourism phenomenon brought about by the cool Xining, the city began to vigorously develop the development of small and micro hotels, family hotels.

but in Xining tourism industry association staff seems to solve the problem of tourist accommodation can not fully meet the needs of tourists. The staff said that the city various tourism enterprises should provide reservation services, but can also include accommodation, attractions, customs, shopping, catering and other information services, and taxi booking, tickets, insurance agents and other value-added services. The staff also believes that the integrity of the individual free line products should meet the requirements of information, freedom, convenience, service, quality five. In the fit of the trend, the city’s tourism sector, tourism enterprises should establish a complete service system, providing one-stop travel services for tourists.

fit service system needs to build a large

tourism experts said that the ability to get fit to enjoy at home, is a sign of maturity or not. "And mature;

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