2014 national fitness badminton tournament start

for further active masses life style, promote fitness activities, this month 12 days to 13 days, in Qinghai Province, the national fitness center two floor badminton hall, Qinghai national fitness badminton tournament will be the start of passion.

according to the Provincial Sports Bureau sports event management center responsible person, badminton as a high penetration of the national fitness program in our province has a broad mass base. The game as a whole of the social events, the province’s various organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, badminton clubs and badminton enthusiasts can join the team to participate in. In order to facilitate more people to participate in the competition, the team set up (men’s groups, women’s groups) and family events (men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles). It is reported that the game has the broad masses of the Blitz, many people have entered the competition, the Provincial Sports Bureau staff also reminded, there are a few days away from the deadline, as long as the love of badminton people can go to province event management center entries.


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