mprove the health status of children in the province


12th Five-Year" period, the province has invested nearly 200 million yuan, and comprehensively promote the rural and pastoral areas of maternal hospital childbirth subsidy, folic acid supplementation, to improve children’s nutrition, pre pregnancy health examination, neonatal screening and other maternal and child major public health projects, health care level of children continue to improve, and constantly improve and enhance the health of the children.

according to statistics, by the end of 2015, the province’s maternal hospital delivery rate of 97.18%, children’s system management rate of up to 90.94%, children under the age of 5 and infant mortality rate was 12.73%. And 10.29%. , the province’s cities were 8.43%. And 7.08%. Rural and pastoral areas were 13.44%. And 10.82%.. The mortality of children under 5 years of age and infant mortality rate than in 2010 decreased by 37% and 36%, the overall decline was significantly higher than the national average, earlier reached a "Qinghai province children’s 2011-2020 development plan" put forward the goal. Our province is also actively carry out the national immunization program free vaccination 12 kinds of vaccines to prevent the spread of the 13 kinds of infectious diseases, vaccination coverage rate reached more than 95%.


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