Our employees on the same stage Xiange 51

April 30th, Union City 51 in the Cultural Palace "contest held staff singer of socialist core values and I said, I sing, I practice, the most beautiful voice of Xining" and "best workers" workers photography exhibition. City leaders Wang Haihong, Wang Yanming, Zhang Qian, Zhang Ying rushed to the scene for the players up.
the staff singer contest attracted the county (District) 28 grass-roots trade unions, 287 (Group) athletes. After the preliminaries, semi-finals, top 20 finalists. In the competition, the contestants competed and sang. The competition warm atmosphere, the players sang their applause of four, continue to climax. After fierce competition, won the one or two, third-prize final 9 Zhao Xinglin.

organized the event, designed to create a happy and peaceful festive and lively atmosphere, full of new faces and new changes in the economic and social development of the city, to build a rich, civilized, harmonious, beautiful Xining to provide a strong spiritual power.


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