Happy and auspicious New Year’s Eve warm night bus

February 8th, the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Close to 22, the reporter is the central square with his family to enjoy the festive lantern, happened to see the 502, the 505 night bus is carrying passengers.

21:45, passengers have continued to come, the 50 year old Mr. Wei with the help of a 82 year old mother on the car, they are ready to go home after the Lantern festival.

because there is only one seat, so Mr. Wei sat on his own pony. In memory of Mr. Wei, a few decades ago, Xining has several bus lines, such as the city central area are only collected in Dashizi car, "that moment where there is so convenient ah, not to mention the night bus lines are not many, the day. After so many years of development, our travel can be said to be more and more convenient!"

then, live in unity bridge passenger Li Shijia took over the incumbent: "when I heard that the night bus, I felt extremely happy, saved twenty or thirty yuan taxi fee! The government is doing a good job!"

in the south to the direction of the 505 bus passengers next to Wang Jia and her boyfriend hurriedly walked over, and calm returns, "the original 505 is to the south of the night bus ah, well, don’t worry back, but also save the taxi fee." Wang Jia and her boyfriend just finished watching the movie.

since the night bus opened, well received by the public, we have points praise! Midnight 12:20 to collect the car’s night bus really convenient for the public, so that people can save money and peace of mind!


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