Huangzhong commended 9 advanced units of effectiveness building

is a typical, to create advanced learning, striving to advance a good atmosphere, to enhance the administrative efficiency, in December 26th, Huangzhong county held the performance of the construction of the party and government organs awards, in recognition of the 9 advanced units emerged in typical cecgb in the work on the Xinzhuang Town, Li Shan Zhen Guan Xiang Tu Men, was rated "quality service Township"; the Financial Bureau of Huangzhong County Procuratorate, Huangzhong County Education Bureau of Huangzhong County, was named the "efficient service unit"; Huangzhong County IRS tax service hall, Huangzhong County, the first people’s Hospital of Huangzhong County disabled employment service center was named "top ten service window". It is reported that

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