50 families of needy students receive grants

in 2013 for the implementation of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department to do practical projects at the grassroots level, to further strengthen the party care. The day before, the Party Organization Department held as part of the difficulty of children admitted to the University Party member family grants ceremony, 50 children admitted to the University, the rural community party family difficulties, give student grants 2000 yuan per household, family members to ease the difficulty of economic pressure, high academic and university students realize their dreams to help families excited, party hard and poor students to learn entrepreneurship enthusiasm.

in recent years, the rapid development of the city’s economy and society, people’s living standards continue to improve, but from the overall situation of Party members, and a majority of Party members due to various reasons, life more difficult, need to Party organizations at all levels of care and help. Difficult to help the masses of Party members, Party members and organizations are difficult to help, the party organization is the party’s home, so that the difficulty of Party members to get help, is the bounden duty of the party organization. This year, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department through the period of two party condolences for the public to expand coverage, and the sanitation system of outstanding Party members, party issuing difficult care subsidies, improve the remuneration and other ways for community members and cadres, and gradually increase the intensity of care, so that the majority of Party members and feel the warmth of the party organization, to further stimulate the advanced the party members play, promote harmony within the party, to maintain social stability, enhance the cohesion of the party and fighting capacity. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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