North of the city to fight drought

since last winter and spring, a general reduction of precipitation in Xining city land, the drought situation is grim. Recently, the city of Xining City Department of agriculture and animal husbandry investment 2 million 100 thousand yuan, to protect the spring drought.

According to

"Chengbei District drought emergency plan", the north area of the agricultural sector to invest 900 thousand yuan renovation Baoziwan town. The waves and the north, Zhu Nan, Zhu Tao Nan village 10 km of irrigation channels, 100 canal building maintenance. At the same time, invested 1 million 200 thousand yuan to complete the double salt Zhuang, Su Bao Cun electric pumping station maintenance, replacement and repair of the pump motor, electrical equipment, cleaning up the area within 5600 metres of silt irrigation channels.

addition, Chengbei District Department of animal husbandry and the area also took the initiative comity canal, and Kitagawa irrigation canal unity management coordination, in accordance with the requirements of agricultural irrigation water in time, meet the demand during the spring. And the key unit of wastewater discharge in Huangshui River Basin sewage enterprises, one by one investigation area, changes to closely monitor the area of water environmental quality, to prevent the occurrence of water pollution accidents, ensure the safety of agricultural irrigation water in spring. We will continue to strengthen the construction of water-saving irrigation facilities, and actively promote the development of new varieties of drought resistant varieties, such as new varieties of carrots, standard cabbage and so on, to reduce the consumption of water resources in agricultural production. (author: Peng Na Wang)

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