8 flaws in the initial venture

now want to start a lot of friends, the first business friends do not have much experience in all aspects, there are still many defects, face a variety of unknown business, the flaws and mistakes can hardly be avoided, do poineering work for the first time is like. For the first time, what are the lack of ability to do it, take a look at it.

1, people know

and others if entrepreneurship is, whether it is a classmate of relatives and friends, must be at the beginning of the responsibilities, distinguish the relations of interests, contract, set. Entrepreneurship is best to put some things to maximize the consideration. For example, at the beginning, you think you earn ten thousand I earn ten thousand, you 100 I also have no, but when you earn one million points one hundred thousand, your partner. Many entrepreneurial companies will have a lot of internal contradictions in the late stage, this contradiction may be fatal, because it will develop to a certain extent in the company, a critical juncture, the outbreak.

People with

early in the people, the character is more important than ability. Do not always think tall, enough on the line, when you are willing to follow you barefoot mixed man, in this life we must cherish.


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