New sea lake district two bus lines

With the construction of the new Lake Lake area continues to accelerate this year, the occupancy rate of the new Lake District, the original bus lines have been unable to meet the needs of the residents of the new lake district. Reporter in December 7th from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau of transportation department was informed that, in order to further facilitate travel, to create a good travel environment for the public, according to the municipal government for approval by the Municipal Transportation Bureau, city bus company from December 9th two new bus lines to the lake district.It is reported that

, for the convenience of school district residents and students, the city bus company approved by the city Department of transportation has been adjusting line 1, line 3, line 5, 58 Road, 38 Road, 31 Road, 6 bus lines to the Lake District, and on December 9th the forthcoming opening of the 59 bus line No. 9 and extension at present, bus, bus lines leading to the Sea Lake District reached 8 times, the vehicle reached 137 units, will further facilitate the Lake District People travel. Specific routes are as follows:

9 bus lines: 11 km one-way by Jianguo Road South Road, 71 Road, Changjiang Road, bridge 54, five, 54, 54 street crossing road, Lake Road, Kunlun Road, Home Furnishing 10000 Expo center. The adjusted line increased to 14 kilometers, the Road South Road, 71 Road, Changjiang Road, bridge 54, five, 54, 54 street crossing road, Lake Road, Kunlun Road, Home Furnishing 10000 Expo Center, Museum Road, Wenhui intersection, Fortune Center, Yuen intersection, intersection, intersection, and Wencheng Tonghai Road (end point station).

59 bus: the newly opened 59 bus one-way 15 kilometers, is currently in operation by 15 cars, Zhonghui Zijin City of origin, the Delingha Road, summer street, South Gate Street, Changjiang Road, Kunlun Road, cultural road, sea road, 54 street, Wenjing road to Peach Road (end point station). Line site settings: the Forbidden City, Delingha South Road, 536 Hui hospital, woods Lane (Dan Xiang), the City Transportation District, the international village, South Gate Stadium, fifth, municipal government, Kunlun bridge (Dan Xiang), Xinhua Kunlun, Lane Cross (Dan Xiang), Xishan lane, ten second, Botanical Garden (Dan Xiang), red Hostel, Xichuan Road, Yin Jia Zhuang, Shui Xiao, 10000 Home Furnishing Expo Center, Santa Kawa Ni, cultural road, Wenjing Street East, Qinghai Grand Theater, Museum of science and technology, in the street, West Street Wenjing Wenjing, sports center, Huangchuan middle school, Tao Eru (end point station). Line fares for 1 yuan, credit card 7, student bus IC card and the old card according to the current fare.

In addition, the current bus stop, bus stop

update adjustment work is still in progress.


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