Our province cares about the foundation of the next generation

On the afternoon of September 12th, the Qinghai Provincial Foundation for the next generation of care and the first meeting of the council. It is understood that for better advocacy and social cohesion and love, to further improve the teenagers care aid work, from 2012 onwards, the Provincial Committee for reference to other provinces, brewing up the next generation fund. Qinghai Province, concerned about the establishment of the next generation of foundation, is the Provincial Committee for the practice of "government anxious anxious, want teenagers required, as the committee can" principle of this work is an important measure to promote the province’s new milepost, concerned about the next generation of career development at the same time, inject fresh the blood for youth welfare in our province. Qinghai Province, concerned about the next generation of the fund’s mission is to "promote the dedication of love, dedicated to charity; go for the next generation, for young people try to do useful and good things, problem-solving things". The main task is to carry out activities to raise funds in accordance with the law; to raise funds through charity bazaar held, and other legal activities at home and abroad; accept donations, donations; in accordance with legal, safe and effective principle, increase the value of the fund. All donations will be used to support poor and disabled children healthy growth; funded and organized on juvenile healthy growth of children of various public welfare activities; reward outstanding young children and outstanding workers engaged in the work of caring for the next generation. The first director of the foundation meeting voted through the "Qinghai province next generation Fund Association", "Qinghai province next generation fund financial system" and the foundation of the first session of the Council and the board of supervisors leadership.  

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