Jia Xiaozhuang primary school for parents to do lectures please experts teach family education

5 month 14 days, Xining City Jia Xiao Zhuang primary school primary school held a "family education theme expert seminar cum home school association".

to participate in the activities of parents have said that many parents in addition to urging their children to learn, but it is not clear how to let the children fall in love with learning, how to improve the child’s learning ability. Xining City Jia Zhuang primary school specially invited experts in education, lectures, telling parents how to do a good job of family education.

activities, Jia Xiaozhuang primary school invited Qinghai tutor research executive director, Professor Huo Jing, Qinghai Normal University, in the form of lectures, tell parents how to make children love to learn to fall in love with books. In addition, the school also hired a senior teacher of Xining city tiger Taiwan School in Xining City, the seventh middle school and other schools, respectively in the form of lectures, tell the parents how to raise children Chinese math English and other subjects learning ability.


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