DAMBOLO shoes to join a good market choice

in fact, the choice of business women to join the market, is a very wise choice. Garnett, for entrepreneurs, less cost but large profit space. DAMBOLO shoes? Good quality projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

said thick shoes ugly people, must be seen to wear their shoes look ugly, but have not seen those female stars wear thick shoes and aura looks beautiful and confident. Among the many female stars, the number of Fan Bingbing like to wear thick soled shoes, it can be said that all the year round in the wear, there is a pattern, pure color, anyway, thick soled shoes style has come a. Of course, in addition to Fan Bingbing, as well as Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Zhao Wei, for their "despise" thick shoes but love was very deep. Every time the overall appearance love wearing a pair of shoes, a powerful gas field.

in addition to the stars are wearing, the annual fashion week T Taiwan have thick soles of the shoes, the designer is also deeply love the thick soled shoes. Have to say, the shoes are still pick people to wear, no contrast, do not know the original thick shoes can wear so well.

as early as in the 70s of last century, thick soled shoes began to fire up in Europe and the United states. It can deduce the lively and witty style, but also can prop up the wind is so sexy, amazing style of love. You are ugly, ugly shoes, because you probably do not know what is the difference between the shoes and the shoes, shoes today let DAMBOLO tell you loudly.

anyway, remember, thick soled shoes and platform shoes are different. Thick soled shoe soles are generally not so exaggerated heavy platform shoes, at about 7CM, suitable for daily walk. Remember, the wrong way to make a thick bottom shoe is the main reason for it.

wear thick shoes ugly? That’s why you didn’t choose a pair of shoes. Next, DAMBOLO shoes said these cheats you are get, you will never say that the shoes ugly.

The first step for

to make a thick soled shoe look good is to choose the right style. To choose the shoes Square, tip design, thick soled shoes so exquisite radian can make big toe become more slender and elegant, but also modified the foot, perfect. Vamp with solid colors is better, it can let you casually collocation your clothes; the best is the sole wedge slope, there are color design, this design makes it the line more good-looking, not clumsy, also very fashionable personality; at the height of the best exposed ankle, so wearing them to look good, there is a sense of hierarchy.


saw thick soled shoes look fashionable, next is the collocation, the DAMBOLO women’s strengths, absolutely let you beauty earthshaking. >

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