Our new rural cooperative implementation of municipal co ordination

Reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, in order to accelerate the city’s basic medical security system, improve the overall level of the new rural cooperative medical insurance fund, enhance security capabilities, our city yesterday from the new rural cooperative medical insurance municipal co-ordination, the insured in the city within the scope of treatment and settlement to implement the basic medical insurance card".It is reported that the overall

, has the rural household in Xining city farmers and herdsmen all included in the scope of municipal co-ordination. Among them, the urban village and suburban village agricultural population, on the spot into the city (town) accounts, according to my wishes, voluntary choice to participate in the new rural cooperative medical insurance or urban residents, but can not be repeated. According to the relevant provisions of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, with the province’s rural household registration in Xining residents living in rural areas are also included in the scope of the city. My city four district of the original management model unchanged, three counties in the city after the implementation of municipal co-ordination, adhere to the unified payment standard, medical treatment level, unified fund management, unified business processes, unified information system, the implementation of territorial classification management.

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