n 2016 the province’s financial poverty relief funds supervision and inspection carried out

timely correct the existence of poverty alleviation fund management problems in the process of poverty alleviation, promote the implementation of relevant policies, recently, the provincial audit department and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly carry out supervision and inspection of the financial funds in 2016.

this inspection is mainly involved in poverty alleviation funds issued by the provincial government in 2016, the integration of agriculture related funds for poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation policy implementation, focusing on the inspection of Datong, mutual aid and other counties and cities in 9. Check to take access to documents, check, check the account books and vouchers, field view items, randomly visited the poor households filing riser, forums and other ways to capital flows as the path tracking inspection to the poverty alleviation funds projects and poor households.

days before the reporter from the provincial audit department learned that the current focus of the inspection phase has been completed, the next step will be to find problems and urge the rectification requirements of the units being inspected earnestly.


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