Fire work will be put forward for refusing to fire the law enforcement project approval

Qinghai news network March 25th, Xining city fire work conference held.

meeting requires the implementation of fire safety accountability, vigorously eliminate fire hazards, a comprehensive optimization of social fire safety environment. Governments at all levels must support the fire administrative law enforcement, do not fire law enforcement, fire approval project Hello, and resolutely prevent the breeding of fire hazards from the source. Governments at all levels, departments and units should unswervingly rectification of fire hazards. The major fire hazards do not change the long delay, to take resolute measures to stop this must be resolutely stopped, will not be tolerated. On the grounds of a flavor to the development of economy and the shortage of funds, long fire hazards do not change, causing serious consequences, to take administrative measures to the responsible person, the disposition of the disposal, the dismissed or the criminal responsibility firmly held criminally responsible, will not relent. The fire accident, should adhere to the cause of the fire does not check out the left off, the responsibility is not implemented miss, don’t let people do not have responsibility, not to let the education principle, and severely punish the relevant units and personnel responsible for the accident. (author: Wen Ling)


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