One for the construction of the whole situation for the masses Eastern speed tenderness gagger

the past two years, the rapid development of the city of Xining, the public for all to see, especially the development of the eastern part of the relatively backward. Previous disadvantages, and now has become the eastern development advantage. Comprehensive renovation, the Xining Railway Station, the second Lanzhou Xinjiang, Seager tier along the airport expressway (Xining section) environmental remediation, the Riverside Road Road Business District, business district…… One Huimin, benefiting the big project, so that the eastern region began to accumulate energy in the future imminent, Xining has become the largest building, the fastest changing urban appearance, the highest index of urban residents happiness. However, the new building needs more understanding and support of the masses. In the face of the relocation, many residents from the first East conflict, with more than 400 workers in the East, gradually strong persuasion, work, abandon old and miscellaneous living environment, to make green, engineering, facilities, moved into residential construction with bright windows and clean tables, become the Eastern "hero" and enjoy the results of the "master" in the most practical action, as the eastern offer force.

fine inverted schedule = delivery on time to start building

any one project, the foundation is not good, follow-up questions will follow. In the East Zone, every Huimin project, will be fine, fine, transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, every staff have their own division and task, each team must cooperate, support each other.

to the airport expressway (Xining section) environmental remediation project as an example, in order to ensure that in October 30th of this year before the completion of the relocation, the east area in accordance with the unique "east east speed" to "very very very attitude, style, ability, is to" go all out. The region’s 16 county-level cadres, 31 departments, more than 400 employees relocation is divided into 8 groups, 7 large area synchronized in-depth publicity and mobilization, housing assessment, the signing of the agreement, in accordance with the "official outside normal office except emergency stop and cancel the vacation travel, work overtime, a drum for gas, and comprehensively promote the Airport Expressway east section, housing relocation. The region’s leaders have the relocation of the county level, and the depth of the joint area of not less than two times a week, county leaders do not work will be held accountable. At the same time, people have an ulterior motive for individual, the eastern specially deployed personnel, 24 hours monitoring, and severely punish illegal construction practices, to still take chances against the wind field of dreams overnight, "outcrop hit", so there is no escape of illegal construction. In the residents resettlement, Chengdong district also as human as possible, in accordance with the "open and fair resettlement, adhere to unified planning, unified standards, unified requisition, unified construction, with the currency placement, relocation, demolition, compensation in accordance with the law enforcement according to law" principle.

cadres hard index = mass happiness index

"no matter how hard it is to get a better day for the people of the east!" Indeed, in front of many projects of the relocation, the east district government out of one mind and overcome the difficulties, Time will not wait for me. determination, on the one hand, strict governance grab build building demolition, rapid;

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