80 virtues of the rising star

reporter from Xining city by virtue of youth star review committee news, by the people of the city for half a month to the enthusiastic participation and to vote, as of June 20th, by virtue of youth star Review Committee received a total of more than 15 social voting, June 22nd, committee members of the unit comprehensive review group, according to 8 class 120 "the virtues of youth" candidate votes level and comprehensive review group opinions, and ultimately determine the 8 categories, each 10, a total of 80 in Xining city by virtue of youth star. 8 kinds of virtue of youth selected star and personal stories, from now on in a batch of "Xining Evening News" was published, and grand recognition in "71" before and after, in order to continue to learn the virtues of youth, to set off the upsurge in the virtues of youth in the city’s primary and middle school students.

it is reported that Xining city by virtue of youth Star Award in recognition of activities since the start of April 12th, the general public, the city’s primary and secondary school teachers and students to participate in, more than and 70 days, search, recommendation, lively and lively school districts around the civilized and polite, self-reliance, honest and trustworthy, love dedication, love, love of work, respect for the old thrift, diligence innovation 8 by virtue of youth star activities become the general public in the city, as one falls, another rises, between teachers and students, the most popular topic, 8 class 120 by virtue of youth candidates released, the majority of people voting more enthusiasm is wavewave…… I will learn Lei Feng "activities, to be a moral person" theme education activities to a new climax, good morality and civilized, in the city’s education system to create a tree of fresh air, but also to create a strong atmosphere of our city minors, advocating the pursuit of advanced and learning from the advanced peri. Washington (reporter boat)


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