Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau banned 3 indigenous asphalt processing point

In September 3rd, the author from the West District Environmental Protection Bureau, the Bureau in accordance with the law on the 3 days before the asphalt processing was banned by.

recently, the west area of environmental protection "110" complaints hotline received a report from the masses, Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Zhang Jia Wan Cun village, near the fire one method of firing asphalt, serious pollution of the surrounding environment. After receiving the report, the District Environmental Protection Bureau immediately organized the environmental law enforcement team of law enforcement officers rushed to the scene, law enforcement officers found 3 indigenous asphalt processing in the eastern slopes of the secret fire Nishimura and Zhangjiawan village two brick Yamane, its simple equipment, without any protective measures, great pollution to the surrounding environment, banned in the country of column. Law enforcement officers immediately issued a deadline for rectification of environmental violations, ordered its immediate removal of equipment, stop illegal processing.

deadline for correction notice issued, the fire village illegal processing households not only ignored the deadline for rectification, but increase equipment, expand production scale, continue illegal processing. In view of this situation, the District Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental supervision and law enforcement brigade on August 16th on the illegal asphalt processing point to be demolished, and ordered the two factory at two Zhangjiawan Yamane indigenous smelting asphalt processing point to immediately stop the illegal production, removal.

is currently being investigated, 3 indigenous asphalt processing points have been removed. (author: Wang Rulong)


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