The explosive industry security risk investigation large remediation action to start

To resolutely fight safety special rectification campaign, the provincial Commission by letter quickly launched the civil explosive industry safety hazards investigation large remediation special action. From now until the end of September, the provincial Commission by letter will be in accordance with the requirements of full coverage, zero tolerance and strict law enforcement, pragmatic, according to the Tianjin port "8· 12" major fire and explosion accident exposed problems and weaknesses, thorough troubleshooting of all industrial explosive production enterprises in our province, to ensure all safety measures implemented to enhance the security level of the nature of civil explosive industry in our province.

light "warning lights eliminate hidden dangers". Provincial Commission by letter emergency arrangements for inspection of production safety supervision of the civil explosive industry, civil explosive industry administrative departments, the industrial production enterprises fully aware of the grim situation of production safety is facing, firmly establish the "red line" consciousness, focusing on civil explosive industry safety inspections, fighting rule violation special action, dangerous chemicals and inflammable and explosive special items and other key work, strict discipline, strict accountability, strict accountability, and severely punish, to prevent hidden dangers in the bud".

in addition, will regulate the operation to build a firewall". Carry out on-site inspection investigation, find out the base implementation specification. To fully grasp the industrial explosive production enterprises explosive dangerous goods management situation, the provincial Commission by letter leadership related offices business backbone to Xining, Haidong, Haixi civil enterprises focus, focus on the industrial explosive production line capacity and production line layout, production facilities and dangerous goods, dangerous goods storage and external storage limit, an important part of quantitative safety protection video surveillance measures, etc., through on-site inspections drills, collect relevant data, operator skill assessment methods were examined.  

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