Xining city rescue station set up active rescue team vagrants Qingnuan

in March this year, Xining rescue station set up an active rescue team, they take the initiative to take the streets every day to help vagrants and minors.

on the morning of April 9th, the Xining city rescue station of the active rescue team ready bread, mineral water, Street rescue rangers. 54 Avenue in Xining City, the staff saw a shabby in dress, vagabond squatting with dishevelled hair and a dirty face looking for food in the trash can next to the staff came to tramp around the bread and water and handed him a tramp and took the food after the wolf. "We are the rescue station, you are willing to accept the rescue? We can help you." Staff asked. The bum shook his head, and the staff helped him.

one day down, the initiative to help the rescue team of more than and 10 people, advised to go to the 20 people, the car with bread and mineral water is also distributed over. "Every day we can rescue more than and 30 people, willing to accept aid we will try our best to help meet do not understand our homeless people, we have wronged by the point, reason." Yang Chang said, the first two days, the staff in the vicinity of the bus station to see a pedestrian pulled clothes, forced begging vagrants, the staff immediately stepped forward to persuade. I did not expect the staff to persuade, the name of the staff to spit on the staff face. Staff had to wipe the saliva on his face to continue to persuade. We are a little aggrieved, if we are not good attitude will lead to conflict."

rescue station Wang Qing said: "before we waiting for help, we are now actively to rescue, and increase the relief efforts, change from passive to active, begging to the sick and elderly people, especially minors to give special care, we have difficulties to help solve problems, we want to go home to escort go home."


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