Xining tourism map also distributed free travel and entertainment options at a glance

October 12th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, compiled by the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau of Xining’s first detailed, professional, Xining tourism map in the station, attractions and other places free of charge. According to reports, the map covered are Xining city tourism industry representative tourism enterprises, with accurate and detailed information on the basic situation of Xining tourism, let visitors through the map can make sightseeing, accommodation, shopping and dining options.

in recent years, with the continuous development of Xining city tourism, tourists to Xining has increased, but the lag of information asymmetry and information construction problems have become increasingly prominent, the needs of tourists to Xining tourism based information is very urgent. Therefore, combined with the needs of the development of tourism in Xining, Xining tourism department in conjunction with the relevant departments of the "Xining tourism map". The map highlights the practicality and the characteristics of public welfare, set accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping in one, by the front of the center of Xining city map and text composition, recommend Xining tourism for the tourists from many aspects, for the tourists, the back in the form of illustrations in Xining focus tourist attractions, shopping malls, supermarkets, delicacy street, cultural venues, bars, rural tourism sites, small and micro Xining hotels and tourist routes and other information, for tourists to Xining tourism has a strong guiding significance and reference. At the same time, the map also fully demonstrated the urban public transport, travel routes will be marked out specifically for the general public and tourists to do detailed guidelines.

"Xining tourism map" will be distributed at airports, stations, major shopping malls, star hotels, scenic spots (spots), travel agencies and other places free of charge. At the same time, visitors can also visit, shopping from large shopping malls, scenic spots, etc.. The staff of Xining City Tourism Bureau, the issue of the map is one of the specific work in Xining city to create international well-known plateau tourism city ", Xining City Tourism Bureau will also prepare more targeted travel guide, to facilitate the tourists to Xining trip. (author: Ma Rong)


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