Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to ban the North Branch of a pyramid selling organi

May 15th, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, Chaoyang Branch of the North Branch of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch of the North police station in the area to investigate a suspected pyramid scheme.

on the same day, according to a report from the masses, Chaoyang business by law enforcement officers of a house in Qilian Lu Kim company hospital dispatched, Chaoyang police station joint made raids. At that time, the 40 square meters of a man in the house is teaching, the scene there are 21 men and women in the lecture. Upon inquiry, the lecturer Zhou and students are Sichuan nationality. In a week on how to sell called "health care products Europe pairie", at the price of 2900 yuan. Accordingly, law enforcement officers immediately banned. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (reporter Cui Zhenlin)


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