Small holiday tourism autumn is getting stronger Redubujian

In the past three days during the small holiday, most scenic spots in the province with the cool weather, beautiful scenery once again attracted many tourists. Although autumn is getting stronger, but the majority of tourists travel enthusiasm is still very high, especially from the provincial capital near Huangzhong, Datong and other agricultural sightseeing park, the Provincial Park, relying on the autumn to attract tourists to Forest Park, Forest Park in Beishan Kanbula scenic spot, attracting a large number of tourists, tourists have increased dramatically compared to the same period last year.

in the urban area of Xining people’s Park, Nanshan Park, Xining wildlife zoo scenic tourist accommodation also has increased. "This holiday, so many children in school have an opportunity to travel, and the botanical garden sculpture exhibition, painting exhibition held are parents with children to enjoy play good choice, the park visitors increased compared to previous years." Xining city park management center responsible person, at present, in addition to the botanical garden, Nanshan Park and Ornamental Sunflower exhibition, Xining wild zoo put up 3500 pots of Dahlia, bright colors make the scenery more attractive, also attracted many tourists to visit, for the autumn campaign, become the main factors of tourists choose to visit the park.

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