Xiangya No 2 Hospital Central South University Qinghai Red Cross Hospital Medical Cooperation hosp

in order to provide a more advanced, effective and safe medical services for the people in our province, in July 29th, Xiangya No.2 Hospital, Central South University, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital officially listed in the hospital".

Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University, since the implementation of the new health care reform, to join the country’s more than and 170 hospitals set up the country’s first inter provincial medical alliance, in order to promote the improvement of remote areas and grassroots health. The Qinghai Red Cross Hospital and Xiangya No.2 Hospital "marriage", "the form of hospital, hospital of the discipline and discipline team on team", and "ladder" training mode, to provide professional talent reserves for the Qinghai Red Cross hospital cooperation in key departments in operation and management, improve the hospital management and function management capabilities, in order to to enhance the comprehensive ability and overall competitiveness of hospital technology.

it is reported that the "listing of medical cooperation hospital, Xiangya No.2 Hospital will send a senior medical relevant professional experts to Qinghai Red Cross Hospital to carry out academic lectures and nursing guidance, to help complete the three level round, record management and administration work. Qinghai Red Cross Hospital also selected key cooperation department leader to the Xiangya No.2 Hospital for training; through direct operation recording and remote teaching, medical lectures and academic conferences, training and management of medical personnel.


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