Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to carry out the positive wind Su Ji and improve the qua

According to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice in the "four special" deployment, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined with the actual work, conscientiously carry out the positive wind Su Ji, improving quality and efficiency of special operations, and achieved initial results. First, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen supervision and supervision. Set up a special action leading group, each action by a deputy director in charge of the office of the people’s education, the office led the development of programs to determine the carrier, the decomposition of the task, a clear responsibility. During the period, the deputy secretary in charge of each window unit and led in-depth business, service attitude, to answer the question, legal awareness, personnel personnel conducted a thorough investigation, unannounced visits to the problems found in the on-site feedback to the county branch, the County Bureau immediately rectification. Two is to strengthen the theoretical study, improve the theoretical level. Through the weekly learning center group, the daily morning reading, special counseling and other forms, organize cadres to learn Xi Jinping and other leading comrades spoke at the party’s mass line educational practice; focus on learning the provisions of the central eight provincial Bureau of 21 measures and 17 measures and the "State Administration for Industry and Commerce six ban", "Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau seven ban" spirit of the document. At the same time, the cadres of the organization to carry out law enforcement documents, case review, the basic skills of law enforcement investigators, market players registered business knowledge and learning and training. During the period, carried out a random file activities, organized a two focus on learning activities, each party members to participate in the branch learning activities 4 times, the average record of learning notes to write 5000 words, write the experience of the experience of the 2. Three is the self correction, to find the gap. In strict accordance with the "Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau mention quality and efficiency action plan" and "Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau Tilly Su Ji action plan", "four check four", combined with the actual positions of departments and individuals, seriously find and analyze in the sense of purpose, ideas, duties and work etc. the problem of the existence of long-term off without leave, absenteeism, and in the course of law enforcement investigators chinakayao, daily work, poor service attitude, negative coping, efficiency is not high phenomenon of the clean up and rectify. The four is a serious discipline, During the special operation, personnel inspection team, in-depth County branch of the Department of industry and commerce as well as the window to carry out a thorough investigation on 42 times, tardiness, work time playing games, public funds, poor service attitude, fees and other outstanding issues found in the inspection for criticism 4 times, criticized the staff of 36 people (Times) 1, administrative sanctions, disciplinary action against 4 people; clean up does not work long-term staff of 5 people. The use of the Municipal Bureau of public vehicles and parking conditions were not regularly checked, did not ask for parking vehicles and buses on the issue of a written notification.  

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