The 315 day Xining air quality all the way Xining blue sky report behind

flight delays, masks become hot selling goods, people like to do morning exercises have to stay at home…… When the field bursts of haze warning, people took various measures to deal with the bad weather, Xining City days of fine weather, people have come to the outdoors, in the blue sky under the breath of fresh air.

according to the Xining municipal environmental protection department statistics show that in the past 2012, the excellent rate of air quality in Xining city was 86.07%, city air quality days to 315 days, the air quality in May to October, the excellent rate was 100%. Such a blue sky report has become a hot topic this year, the NPC and CPPCC deputies and CPPCC members in Xining. Is located in high altitude, climate condition is far better than the capital city of the Central Plains and coastal areas, Xining can have a few golden name card such good result cannot do without the city is focused on creating the national civilized city of Tibet, garden city, national environmental protection model city, National Forest city.

January 14th, reporters from the Xining municipal environmental protection, water, gardens and other departments understand that in recent years, the focus of Xining City air pollution control, the implementation of the "north south mountain ecological barrier Engineering" and "water city" project "blue sky, clear water, quiet" project "energy saving" and other series on environmental protection and construction engineering so, the air quality of Xining city increased year after year, from the initial target air quality excellent rate of 85% step by step to achieve 86.07% results. At present, Xining’s forest coverage rate has reached 26.5%, built-up area green coverage rate of 37.1%, the per capita public green area increased to 9.5 square meters, 1.9 square meters of water per capita rate reached 92.3%, city life garbage disposal. In addition, Xining also has car exhaust, soot, dust, sewage and garbage pollution and other environmental factors continue to carry out comprehensive management, so that the air environment quality in Xining City excellent rate ahead in the national capital city.

it is worth mentioning that, in order to improve the quality of the environment in Xining, approved by the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance comprehensive management of Xining environmental projects included in the 2013 World Bank loan to the fiscal year 2015 alternative project planning, with financial support, Xining will speed up the project to improve the quality of the environment, let Xining have more days and the blue sky. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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