Xining and other places have frost today

for a few days, the cold morning whiz to let people feel a chill in the air, even the street people wear down jacket. The reporter learned from the Qinghai provincial meteorological station, the cold air has ended yesterday, but by the radiation cooling effect, today, Xining and other places will appear frost, the Qinghai provincial meteorological station yesterday to 17 for the province more frost issued a yellow warning signal.

in September 12th 17, the Qinghai provincial meteorological station on the eastern province, Hainan, Huangnan, Hercynian Haibei, Xining, Haidong Prefecture issued frost yellow warning signal, is expected early in the morning of September 13th, our province, Eastern Hainan, Haibei Haixi, Huangnan, Xining, Haidong area minimum ground temperature will drop to 0 degrees celsius.

meteorological experts, the last two days, the daily maximum temperature decreased, the people feel that summer has just passed, but this seems to have been to winter, cold air does not last long, a few days the temperature will rise significantly in future. Due to the recent changes in temperature, easy to cause colds and other respiratory diseases, to remind the public to do the appropriate defense work. At the same time, frost will have an impact on the province of agricultural and animal husbandry, hope the relevant departments to prepare in advance. (author: Wang Yalin Zheng Sizhe)



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