Qinghai Tibetan Buddhist College

7 5, the reporter learned from the provincial people’s Committee was informed that, recently, located in the village of Guide Zhou Zhou Village of Qinghai Tibetan Buddhist College has been completed, is currently being carried out before the preparatory work.

Qinghai Province, Tibetan Buddhist Institute is the only one provincial Tibetan Buddhist Institute, an important base in our province is the highest institution of culture of Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns and patriotic people, was founded in 1986, has been renting Kumbum Monastery office space to carry out teaching and research work, the school management is very inconvenient, seriously affected the normal teaching and development. In this regard, the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to actively seek the support of relevant state ministries, in April 2014 officially started, after more than two years of construction, the project is fully completed, successfully passed the acceptance.

new school covering an area of 6.03 hectares, four comprehensive facilities including 1 teaching buildings, two layers of the Church (including library) 1, five monks dormitory 2, five staff turnover house of 1 buildings, 1 buildings gymnasium, canteen Building 1, room 1 building facilities, medical room and guard room 1 building. The classroom, painting room, radio room, multi-purpose hall, exhibition hall, staff room, office, conference room, hall, library (cangjingge), reading room, dormitories and other facilities equipped with tables and chairs and Goods are available in all varieties., teaching equipment.

According to the provincial

people were appointed director of the project construction, Buddha college is the specific measures to implement the party’s religious policy, reflecting the state attaches great importance to the religious work in our province, concern and support, to further develop politically reliable, accomplished on knowledge, morality can convince the public on the role of the Tibetan Buddhist clergy the key is to explore innovative teaching mode and expand the field of Tibetan studies, the protection and inheritance of Tibetan Buddhist culture will play a positive role. At the same time, it is of great significance to maintain national unity and social stability, and promote the harmonious development of economy and society.


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