Xining municipal government executive meeting of the twenty third meeting of the work of production

October 9th afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo hosted the twenty-third executive meeting of the municipal government. The meeting conveyed to learn the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the twenty-eighth Politburo Standing Committee, listened to the report on the work of production safety, considered the "opinions on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech to strengthen production safety work to further consolidate the high safety supervision pattern (Draft)", to listen to the completion of work report and the city’s investment in fixed assets, the construction of key projects work report of major economic indicators before the three quarter.

meeting requirements, we must always sounded the alarm, tighten the string of safety production, solid job safety work, to ensure that the work is real, strict measures, good results. All regions and relevant departments must firmly establish the concept of "big safety, big safety supervision", put the work of production safety in an important position, and earnestly grasp.

to fully implement the safety supervision department of consolidated supervision, direct supervision departments at all levels of government and industry territorial supervision responsibilities, to achieve the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, and make concerted efforts to promote the steady improvement of the city’s production safety form.

the meeting stressed that to carry out safety inspections of work, the inspection of production safety work normal, daily, various industries and fields to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to achieve full coverage, do not stay dead, leaving a blank. To find out the problem of zero tolerance, timely and complete solution. We should attach great importance to the prevention of major accidents, frequent accidents, highlighting key industries, key areas of safety supervision and special rectification work. To strengthen the construction of the system of safe production and work of the assessment, to establish and perfect the system and mechanism of the investigation and management of risks, the major security risks can early find and solve, to protect people’s lives and property safety and social harmony and stability.

meeting the requirements of the fourth quarter of all regions and departments to be glued to the annual target, continue to focus on investment in fixed assets, the construction of key projects, grasp the industrial production, three production, finance and other work, and vigorously promote the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and other environmental governance work, do a good job market to ensure the supply, stable prices, strong and steadily push forward the housing levy demolition work, focus on improving people’s livelihood work. At the same time, carefully planned next year, four heavy work for early next year to start work, set a solid foundation for a good start. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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