New Hualian real estate to build a new landmark 3 billion Sea Lake District

  recently, I found a strange phenomenon in Xining, more and more people go to the Lake District, asked the reason, the original to the new Hualian Plaza, no matter for what kind of demand, the new Hualian Plaza in the lake district has formed a high visibility. From the development of Xining City, the new Hualian Plaza is the west city planning, construction of key projects, the project in the beginning of the project was the principal leaders of provinces and cities affirmation and attention, and proposes to create a new Hualian square has become the landmark of the city of Xining City, to further improve the matching function, enhance the taste of the city.

New Hualian square for the listed company’s new Hualian real estate Limited by Share Ltd to enter the Xining region’s first benchmark project, to fill the gaps in the high-end urban complex in Qinghai. The new Hualian Plaza East District, West Lake Waterfront Plaza, adjacent to the fire ditch landscape wide belt, projects a total investment of over 3 billion yuan, the total construction area of nearly 720 thousand square meters of development, using the whole European architecture with respect to natural ecological garden style, planning involves carrier class clusters of business, international office, platinum five star hotel Chanticleer, viewing mansion, high-end apartments and other formats, the future will become Xining city central ridge poly scarce resources, the bustling city in the high-end life field.

Key project

New Hualian Plaza as the government planning and Xining to the West Lake District development, natural Xining central business district CBD occupy the new city core area layout, gathered in the famous enterprises and the global elite, three-dimensional traffic network around the project by 14 bus trunk line consisting of direct Hualian Plaza, Huangchuan middle school, and gather the tiger Taiwan Normal University high school, middle school and other one-stop top education resources.

New Hualian Plaza, adhering to the "create value for customers" concept, put forward new ideas, new Hualian new center, new life "international synchronization will live in Xining first, and draw first-tier cities most extravagant five minutes of life experience, to the new Hualian square as the center, to five minutes walking distance as the radius immediately, enjoy complete living facilities, residential, office, hotel, shopping, leisure and entertainment in one, and the China property 50 strong Yuet property escort, solve all the high-end life required.

it is understood that in September the new Hualian Plaza Phase 96m2 – 220m2 hall viewing mansion during the upcoming grand opening, to the sales center for International Settlements "passport", will enjoy preferential purchase, at the same time, the relevant sources, the opening day of the car more Hao Li and appliances gift giving, please dial 4299999.

in the Lake District, we see not only the new Hualian real estate as a means of 3 billion, as well as the Lake District of new high-end complex rise, a new chapter in the new Hualian Plaza Xining residential area is bound to open the international high-end pure city development.

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