Chengdong district to carry out the three who big discussion

the morning of April 4th, East District Center Group held a "who am I, to whom, who rely on" seminar exchanges, to educate and guide the whole Party members and cadres really understand, understand "who am I, to whom, who rely on problem, put personal identity, people stand firm, to practice the mass line. All the leading cadres of the county, the district party’s mass education practice steering group leader attended the exchange.

the exchange of speeches, all of the county district leadership combined with their actual work, expounds the profound analysis of leading cadres in thought and action to answer the "three who", agreed to change the style of change, "four winds" to solve the first three "who", we must always adhere to all for the masses, all rely on the masses of the mass line, firmly establish the purpose of serving the people, to solid and effective style to better serve the masses, to promote the work of. To straighten out who I am, consciously practice the mass line; based on who to, a clear response to the expectations of the masses; prominent rely on who fully mobilize the masses. Chengdong district Party committee secretary Li Xiaoge pointed out in his speech: there is a critical period to achieve leapfrog development, the harmonious development of the eastern region, leading cadres should fully mobilize the masses, closely rely on the masses, according to the requirement of the target one axis two nuclear three zone six zone, the masses, organizing the masses, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the masses the development of wisdom and creativity, together, condensed development strength, solve development problems, to promote the sound and rapid development of various undertakings. Deputy Secretary of the district Party committee, mayor He Mingxing said in his speech: through the discussion of the party’s mass line to carry out all aspects of the Eastern Economic and social development, for the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks, the full realization of the "12th Five-Year plan", to create a rich civilized and harmonious happy New District to make greater contributions.

everyone in his speech said that in the party’s mass line of educational practice, always adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people, let the people’s satisfaction as the goal, establish the concept of public service, the implementation of public service initiatives to improve the method of service for the people, to better serve the masses. According to the "four winds" problems of deep self analysis, active search gap, insufficient, and constantly improve the level of theory and policy research, combine theory and practice, and to do, improve the ability and level of service of the masses. The discussion of theme, strong pertinence, depth and breadth, enrich the content, a warm atmosphere, so that everyone has a very deep feeling, and laid a solid foundation for the region and carry out the mass line of educational practice.

it is understood that the various units around the East District of "who am I, to whom, who rely on the theme, combined with their own work to carry out a big discussion activities, targeted research and put forward measures and methods to solve the problems, to ensure the effectiveness of discussion activities.


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