nvestment 2 billion reconstruction of rural roads

From "village" to "township", from the construction of security engineering for rural highway passenger station to the township, in 2014 the province to accelerate the pace of rural highway construction, to build the rural transport upgrade, rural landscape change is more and more big, people’s life is getting better. This year, the province plans to invest 2 billion yuan to continue the transformation of rural roads, improve the agricultural and pastoral areas of highway patency.

in 2014 our province vigorously promote the construction of rural highway maintenance and management, with the change of change rapidly with the pulse of the province’s economic and social development. With the beautiful town, beautiful countryside construction, our province to build the rural transport upgrade, rural roads throughout the year to complete the investment of 2 billion 188 million yuan, the new rural reconstruction highway mileage of 5897 kilometers, convenient to complete the 261 bridges, rural roads to reach 58502 kilometers, the patency rate was 96%, the administrative villages patency rate of 82.8%. At the same time, the focus of the construction of a number of urban and rural public transport line harbor waiting hall, and put into use. The province’s opening of urban and rural bus lines 242, put the vehicle 1303, more than 200 people to enjoy safe, convenient and economical transportation service.The development of rural roads,

"is the development of regional economy, is for the well-being of the masses". According to reports, in 2015 the province will continue to uphold the concept of construction, based on the situation, the people, speeding up the construction of rural road infrastructure. This year, plans to complete the rural highway investment more than 2 billion yuan, into the new mileage of 5000 km or more, the convenience of over 200 bridges, speed up all kinds of venues for religious activities in road construction, improve the ability of rural highway safety and withstand natural disasters, supporting the beautiful town and the beautiful countryside construction, service construction of a comprehensive well-off society.  

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