My cake jiamengfei how much money

cake to join venture project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good choice. My cake? Join shop is earned! Join my cake, open our sweet career, no doubt, is a very good choice.

is now very popular in the market Cake Bakery, but a lot of cake brand investment is quite high, so that investors are prohibitive. My cake is very popular to small entrepreneurs welcome. My cake shop is a national chain brand cake shop, not to lose the traditional and new taste, health, very welcomed by consumers.

my cake jiamengfei how much money? This is what many investors want to know. To open a Ganso stores, probably need to invest 110-150 million yuan. It seems to join the investment costs are relatively high, but this includes the entry fee, margin, equipment costs, store renovation costs, store rent and staff salaries, etc., so that is not high. And profit Ganso is very fast, the choice of investment projects, investment needs only 1-2 years or so, it is very valuable for good projects!

my cake to join the brand since the month a total of 100 seasonal Ganso daily variety of goods, including pastries, cakes, fruits, seasonal products imported from Taiwan and other fresh health and other characteristics of goods, personal gifts for two. Ganso coupons and gift cards, in the cross-strait more than and 400 stores to withdraw goods, to meet your different needs of relatives and friends, customers, highlight your fashion taste. Access to the Chinese market, more than 90 national honors. More than 600 stores in the country more than 100 cities, can provide strong sales support to join. My cake with 25% annual growth rate of steady growth, and expand the development of the north and inland market is the most promising opportunity to join.

cake to join the brand to join the project but are too many to count, the consumer brand trust cake, only my cake. Then, start to choose to join my cake? High quality entrepreneurial projects, good choice. If you to join my cake, is very seductive, so don’t hesitate!

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