Teach you how to do a noble taste marketing

marketing strategy layout plays a very important role in the market economy, because if you can do a good marketing of the project will be able to own a good market position. We all know that life when opening a store will be opened when a sensation, but not all stores hot degree are the same, some shops, some shops are relatively deserted.

why? The most who because lots of problems, partly because of the propaganda, at the opening of the time, if y prepared at the opening of the well, can to a large extent to attract customers, and then from the products and services increase customer stickiness, improve the visibility of


noble taste teach you how to do a good job shop marketing

what should be done? Here are some of the most important techniques in the long run: the aristocratic taste of the French bakery,

a, propaganda baffle

used a piece of wood with the size of the facade, the use of spray painting the size of the production of posters, posted on the board. Not only protects the street environment, but also to promote.

shop about 20 days ago, during your shop decoration, in the window. Printed on the advertising language.

role: propaganda preheat.


distribute opened coupons

ahead of a week or so, in front of the store distribution. Each one can receive free coupons, with a small gift (such as a small cake etc.).


1, each person can only receive a small gift.

2, small gifts can not be issued at the cashier, you can set up a gift shop at the entrance of the exchange desk.

3, small gift packaging, action can not be too fast, the main purpose is to create a lively queue.

role: before the start of the promotion of the consumer to do in advance; opened the day to create popular popularity, attracting consumers.

three, home gift tasting

to send staff wear work clothes, at 6 points to 9 points, with bread or cake, with a single product promotion, go to the consumer’s home, knock on the door as a consumer, bread or cake to household consumers, with a single product promotion.


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