Beijing’s first meet 2017 snow

in 21, Beijing will usher in the first snow, rain and snow weather will bring great inconvenience to people’s lives, I hope people in travel time, to bring great convenience to people’s lives. And in many cities in Beijing route has been greatly guaranteed, worthy of recognition.

according to the weather Beijing official micro-blog has just released the snow Express show that at 9 am, Yanqing and most of the mountainous areas of Mentougou light snow, snow is larger in Fangshan District. 21, 9 pm to 11 pm precipitation (mm) for the northwest area average of 0.3 mm, 2.6 mm maximum Yanqing Buddha roof. At present, most of the visibility in the city of 1-5 km, Mentougou, Fangshan, Daxing, Fengtai visibility is less than 1 km.

reporter learned from the capital airport, today the capital airport plans to protect flight 1699 sorties, passengers entering and leaving the port of 267 thousand and 700 passengers. Capital airport tips, snow weather may have a certain impact on flight operation, please passengers before traveling, pay attention to local weather and flight information, reasonable arrangements for travel.

in Beijing in the near future there will be rain and snow weather, not only the temperature will drop, I hope the people of Beijing can do a good job of keeping warm, and in the time of travel, careful driving. Affected by snow, a total of 5 lines to take measures. Take measures to stop the line 3, line 2 to take measures interval.

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