Good entrepreneurs are good at learning

a good entrepreneur, able to lead his team to improve, but also to allow enterprises to develop and grow steadily. So, what are the advantages of excellent entrepreneurs? From the external point of view, the outstanding entrepreneurs have the ability to include: management ability, decision-making ability, innovation ability, the ability to know people, the ability to respond, social skills, such as the ability to express. But in the final analysis, the most important thing is their ability to learn.

for human life, the most important is the knowledge, every day in the use of knowledge, everything in the use of knowledge. In this knowledge, is the ability to make their own self-learning ability, that is, primary school knowledge. In the future, from secondary school to university, and then to graduate students, the use of knowledge, the rate of use is diminishing, even the most basic knowledge – text, so also. For example, the primary school to learn the use of the highest frequency of text, the most useful; secondary school to learn the use of the word frequency is much lower; as for the university to learn the text, in the life of the people is rarely used.

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