Business attitude and sincere

attitude in many cases can be decided to a lot of things, especially in the business, attitude will be able to directly determine the final transaction. So, if you want to successy run a shop, sincere attitude will be very important.

a few days before 4 in the afternoon, a heavy rain, the rest of the people trapped in my big sun umbrella under the three.

"boss, do you have an umbrella?"

"yes, it’s raining so hard outside. Don’t stay out, let’s go in and have a look." I called the three guests into the room and took out an umbrella.

three people with a head of rain, they asked: "how much money umbrella?"

"is an umbrella, good quality, an umbrella 12 yuan."

"boss, too expensive, is not to see the rain, we can not go, you sell high price ah, give you 8 to buy one?" Two customers echoed each other, respective open umbrella, while the selection of edge bargain.

listen to customers like to bargain, I felt a little uncomfortable; but we have been here so dry, it will sell the umbrella slowly, rare rain, people come to buy, must restrain themselves on the umbrella business.

"is an umbrella so profitable? 12 dollars is the lowest, and now every line has competition, money is hard to earn, less profit. Sell high prices, this is not to lose their jobs? Besides the rainy day to sell at high prices, the people I could not do such a wicked thing."

"that’s 10 dollars, we’ll buy two." These two customers bargain really work.

encountered such a customer, is the heart does not accept, can not be irritable, angry, or have a smile, a good explanation: "tell you, an umbrella you earn less than 2 yuan. Otherwise I will lend you an umbrella, you a person to look at the big supermarkets sell much, if I sell expensive, you can take the cheapest umbrella together to buy back, after all, in order to save money to buy their own things, if I, the same things to buy low price, this is normal. I can understand the psychological."

see my words to their hearts, and attitude is so sincere, this time the two people do not speak, and the money to buy two, two people to play the two umbrellas away three. $page$

after five minutes and another did not buy the customer back, spent $12 to buy the third umbrellas.

sold three umbrellas in a heavy rain

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