Chinese garment industry investment into new channels

classic clothing appeal is infinite, even foreigners are attracted by the exquisite costume design and novel stimulation process, so want to do new in order to be different in the clothing industry, characteristics of business, try to start from the Tang Dynasty, as long as the aim of business, money is not a problem.

wide range of consumption

money index

the costume retail business as an example to study the traditional money index.

in terms of investment: rent a neighboring street pavement, an area of 20 square meters, the monthly rent of 2000 yuan, the annual rent of 24 thousand yuan; storefront decoration 9000 yuan, the share of 3 years after the annual amortization of 3000 yuan; the purchase business equipment 3000 yuan, 3 years of amortization, the annual allocation of 1000 yuan to hire 1 employees;, a monthly salary of 1000 yuan, annual 12 thousand yuan; other expenses 5000 yuan / year. Fixed operating costs 45 thousand yuan.

in output aspect: because the varieties and specifications of costume sales price range, unequal height, cheap per piece of less than 100 yuan, while the expensive reached 700 yuan, with an average of 400 yuan / piece, the average daily sales of 3, sales of 1200 yuan, annual sales of 430 thousand yuan, the average gross margin of 30% to calculate, can gross profit of 129 thousand yuan. Deducting 45 thousand yuan of fixed operating costs, net profit of more than $80 thousand.

operation of the road

in business dress way, can only purchase from manufacturers, sold out to earn the difference; you can own production, processing and sales of "one-stop", the costume design and development, innovation and production and sales of all "".

in the design and development of the Tang Dynasty should be its cultural connotation and modern consumption habits combine to reflect Chinese Tang Dynasty cultural taste, but also take care of consumer psychology and aesthetic tendency of modern people. You can also consider tailor-made for the guests, so that each guest’s consumer needs can be met.

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