Good to listen to the name of the stall to grasp the four elements

the name of a shop is good, in fact, need to meet more elements, so as to be able to store a suitable name. How to do the work? In fact, if you want to get a good name for the food stalls, as long as the following four elements can be met.

1, image. With business content, shaping the image of the stall.

2, interests. Value point, the more the additional interest points, the more can stimulate the sale of goods, so that the food stalls better business.

3, remember. Some colloquial homophonic, may wish to use, such as the Pavilion – – thank you, Paris Station – – you make money, etc..

4, rhythm. Read Shunkou nicely, rich sense of rhythm, essential condition is impressive, this stall is very friendly name.

may be a real scientific name for the work of the people need to refer to a lot of factors, and here, if you want to make a suitable name for the gear, it is very simple? Only need to meet the above four elements, so that you can give a good name for the gear.

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