Businesses how to help customers solve the problem of choice

now almost any one of the store’s product lines are very rich, which gives countless consumers have a greater choice of space. For customers who are hard to make decisions, the choice is even more difficult. So, businesses how to help customers solve the problem of choice? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand.

recently, I went to a large supermarket to buy imported goods for their parents to buy milk, I saw four shelves filled with a variety of brands of milk in a number of countries. For a time, I do not know the import of milk, I do not know which brand to choose.

shopping guide staff, immediately introduced a German milk is engaged in activities, but the brand can not find information from the Internet, and the product has been close to the shelf life. After repeated comparison, the final purchase of another brand of milk.

do not know which to buy, into a dilemma, I believe that many customers have encountered problems when shopping. So, how to do business to help customers solve this dilemma? The author tries to suggest one or two.

first, refine the classification. If the store’s goods too much, in order to facilitate the selection of customers, it is best to further refine the category, classification and display with a label to do a good job. The supermarket to buy milk to the author as an example, you might as well put milk production area in different countries to display labels clearly indicate the origin of goods; or in accordance with the price level in the partition placed, label the price range and the origin of information. As a result, customers can quickly find what they want, to reduce the tangled and wandering time.

secondly, reasonable reduction. I have seen a case: the United States, California, de Leger market has done such an experiment – in the sales hall to provide different flavors of jam, sometimes placed 24, sometimes only placed in 6. Data show that when 100 people entered the 24 jams "provide sales hall", only 3 people bought jam; when 50 people went to provide only 6 jam "sales hall", there are 15 people to buy the jam. Psychologists have revealed the mystery: the more choices you have, the more people worry about their choice is not the best, that is, the choice of overload. On the contrary, the more limited the number of choices, people will be more calm state of mind, the choice will become easier.

In fact,

, the retail store, the commodity more than the full is not necessarily an advantage. Businesses should carefully analyze the needs of the target customer base, to provide the most suitable products, regular elimination of slow-moving goods. Only the reasonable simplification of goods, without reservation, to use the limited goods move more customers.

again, to strengthen the shopping guide. Shopping guide, the key in the boot, and the premise is to guide >

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