Alibaba lock Hubei to build the country’s first laser industry belt

life, whether it is Alibaba, or Alibaba’s head Jack Ma, they do some of the strategies are of concern. So, in the face of the further development of Ali, Ali in Hubei to build the first laser industry with what significance?

The news of Laser Industry Association Council third times

6 day held in Wuhan, the Alibaba was invited to participate in the laser industry association meeting, the plan of a industrial zone project lock in Wuhan, built in the country’s first laser industrial zone.

currently, Alibaba group has signed a contract with the country’s 10 cities to build Alibaba Industrial Zone project. The industrial zone is the Alibaba wholesale platform characteristics through the channel, around the characteristics and advantages of the industry overall settled into the industry with a platform, to help direct buyers to the official certification of the origin of high-quality goods and brand manufacturers, wholesale to reduce intermediate links.


Alibaba, Quanzhou Shishi textile Wenzhou men’s clothing, footwear, children’s clothing and other industrial belt weaving in Huzhou are on the line, to subvert the past business model, so that the new generation of entrepreneurs to break through the threshold, capital, regional barriers.

Alibaba Wuhan industry operations manager Zhou Hai revealed that Hubei currently has 31 laser companies, electric shock". Alibaba plans to Hubei more than and 300 laser companies packaged to Alibaba industrial belt platform, so that enterprises Baotuan development, build regional brands.

Secretary General of the association of the

provincial laser industry, said the child will be a timely manner to create a laser electricity supplier Industrial Park, open platform, specialization, systematic new way for the laser industry to provide new ideas to upgrade.

Alibaba lock Hubei to build the first laser industry belt, not only conducive to further enhance the economic strength of Ali, but also to maximize the resources, so that Hubei’s economy has been further developed.

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